Mimi Markopoulos

Mimi Markoupolis
Mimi Markopoulos and her daughters Olivia (left) and Sofia (right) | Photo: Steve Boursiquot/All Or Nothing Studios.


By day, Mimi Markopoulos works as a realtor throughout Washington, D.C. and Maryland, but her passion is spending time at home with her family doing crafts, sharing recipes and other lifestyle tips.

“You know how some people like to meditate or do yoga? Me … I like to craft and like to create things,” she says. “That’s my time to just unwind and think. It’s very therapeutic for me.”

Her lifestyle blog, Life on Crosscut Way, chronicles her home life in Damascus, Maryland, with her husband, George, and her daughters, Sofia, 6, and Olivia, 5.

“Anything I buy for myself to do, I buy for them too,” Markopoulos says of her daughters.

Markopoulos fell in love with crafting about two years ago, and with time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic and an interest in social media and content creation, the blog felt like a natural fit. People love her organizing tips the most, she says, and she draws inspiration from Pinterest and the holidays especially.

Washington FAMILY caught up with Markopoulos to learn more about what inspires her and how she balances family life with blogging full time.


What inspired you to start a lifestyle blog? When did you realize it was really resonating with people?

I was always so inspired by other bloggers and spent so much time on social media that I decided it only makes sense to share my tips and tricks as well.


In what ways has your family gotten involved?

My husband is my biggest cheerleader. He helps me every step of the way. My kids have gotten involved with my partnerships and have earned their first paychecks at 4 and 6 years old! We naturally do everything together as a family, so sharing all of that has been quite organic.


What do your kids like the most?

My kids love all of the things I create for my blog. They tell me countless times a day how much they love my creativity. They were so proud of me when I was featured as a Michaels and Cricut Official Maker. I am so proud to be able to show my kids how to create a career out of a passion and to go after what you love and believe in.


As a working parent, how do you balance creating and crafting for the blog with everything else?

Very simple … I include my kids when I craft. They absolutely love creating with me. I also find myself staying up late to get things done around the house.


What do you love about being a parent?

I love watching my kids grow into kind girls. I love how they love me unconditionally.


Family Faves


Recipe: I’d have to say our favorite is s’mores quesadillas!

Craft to do with the family: Anything involving painting

Life hack: Pack lunches the night before—trust me.

Way to spend a weekend with your daughters: Crafting together for sure

Book to read together: “Someday” by Alison McGhee (it makes me cry every single time)

Vacation spot: We really love Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, sooo much.

Rainy-day activity: Crafting!


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