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Appreciating Our Teachers: A Q&A with Educators in the DMV

Teachers do it all—and often without the recognition they deserve. In celebration of our hardworking teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week (May 8-12), we reached out...

Learn a Skill This Summer

With many summer camps closing their registration period only a few months into the year, you might be feeling the pressure to narrow down...
Patricia Velkoff

My Turn: Never the Right Numbers

By Patricia Velkoff What is lost when young people become too focused on numeric feedback? Here in Northern Virginia, a number of the high school...

The Classroom Outside of Four Walls: Outdoor Education Programs

At Maydale Nature Classroom, children who visit campus will hear the sounds of the green frogs, tree frogs and bullfrogs and see the gnawed-on...

Technology and Critical Thinking: How Do We Keep Young Minds Engaged?

We are sitting around the dinner table and a question comes up. Who won the World Series last year? What is the most populated...

Education’s Unsung Heroes Honored Through Art

When Terri Downey-Holton, a training specialist in food and nutrition services at Baltimore City Schools, was recognized in a special art exhibit, she felt...

Are Rare Diseases More Common Than We Think?

When you hear hoof beats, think horses—not zebras. This is what doctors are taught during their training, meaning that the first and more likely...
A woman smiles wearing a denim jacket.

You ‘Odder’ Know Katherine Applegate

You might know Katherine, or K.A., Applegate from the popular young adult series Animorphs, which she co-wrote with her husband Michael Grant. Its 1996...
A woman with short red hair and a dark suit smiles at the camera.

My Turn: What is “Shadow Education”? And does my child need it?

You may have come across the term “shadow education” while researching tutoring options for your child or while flipping through an education magazine, but...

The Tough Questions: How to Rebuild Trust Amid National Violence Helping children feel safe...

  The United States has seen an inflation in gun violence, with active shooter incidents becoming alarmingly more common in recent years. They increased from...