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My Turn: What is “Shadow Education”?

You may have come across the term “shadow education” while researching tutoring options for your child or while flipping through an education magazine, but...

The Tough Questions: How to Rebuild Trust Amid National Violence

  The United States has seen an inflation in gun violence, with active shooter incidents becoming alarmingly more common in recent years. They increased from...
Peaches recipe compilation

Read and Eat: Summer Peaches

Sweet (or maybe slightly sour), juicy and refreshing. In the season for fresh fruit, peaches are a summer icon in their own right—and from...
Alex Nysmith

Education Across the Generations

  Many kids have fond memories of their grandmother coming to visit, baking cakes for birthdays or babysitting when their parents went away. I certainly...
Babies at daycare

Baby and Maternity Directory: Childcare & Early Childhood Education

When the baby comes, you want your childcare and schooling options to already be at your fingertips. Explore a handful of education opportunities for...
funny child chef cooked a spicy pizza with chilli

Best Kids’ Cooking and Baking Experiences in the DMV

Is your child a budding gourmet? Soon your little one could be making you pancakes every morning, not just on Mother’s Day and Father's...
9-year-old girl with Down Syndrome with her elementary school teacher

Finding the Perfect Fit for Education

  Parents want the best education possible for their children. But when you parent a child with special needs, deciding which school will best support...
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Celebrating Outstanding Teachers

Over the past two years, teachers have gone above and beyond for their students. During the first part of the COVID-19 pandemic, they proved...
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Art Is Powerful

The power of art is undeniable. Through art, children and teens can express emotions big and small. They can soar through creation and find...

Spotlight: The Kennedy Center’s Changing Education Through the Arts

  “Numerous studies point to the value of arts education in improving student outcomes, yet teachers may not have the resources, access or experience to...