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My Turn

Patricia Velkoff

My Turn: Never the Right Numbers

By Patricia Velkoff What is lost when young people become too focused on numeric feedback? Here in Northern Virginia, a number of the high school...
A woman with short red hair and a dark suit smiles at the camera.

My Turn: What is “Shadow Education”?

You may have come across the term “shadow education” while researching tutoring options for your child or while flipping through an education magazine, but...
Alex Nysmith

Education Across the Generations

  Many kids have fond memories of their grandmother coming to visit, baking cakes for birthdays or babysitting when their parents went away. I certainly...
David C. Miller My Turn

Reflections Along a Fatherhood Journey

Growing up, I marveled over my father’s puritan work ethic, deep commitment to our family and willingness to sacrifice for the greater good of...
Cheryl MaGuire twins

Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Being a Mom of Twins

  Admitting I’m a mom to twins usually elicits a myriad of questions: Who was born first? Are they identical? How do you manage? People are...
Becky A. Gardner and family

Parent You Should Know: Becky A. Gardner

  Becky Gardner’s photography journey began with a few community college classes after her son Henry was born in 2011. In seeking something fun and...

Being a Part of the Team

  According to the Open Access Journal of Sports Medicine, an estimated 45 million children participate in sports in the United States annually. It’s no...
Small siblings fighting over a remote control in the living room.

Fostering Friendships Between Siblings

  “There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” Licensed psychologist Harriette Wimms uses this lyric from Leonard Cohen’s song...
Ginger Park My Turn

A Tale of My Sweet Life

  I live in two worlds: one as a co-owner of a chocolate shop in downtown Washington, D.C., and one in a world I create....
Cheryl Maguire

5 Things Only a Mom Would Say on Valentine’s Day

  On Valentine’s Day, long before your mom days, you probably dined by candlelight in some swanky restaurant. Once you gave birth to your sweet...