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A woman and her husband with their two daughters smile at the camera.

Parent You Should Know: Shannon Phelan

Meet Shannon Phelan, business owner, yoga instructor and mother of two. Phelan teaches yoga independently in Gaithersburg at Opus Yoga, Flying Buddha Studio and...

Top 10 Family Events for March in the DMV

Click the images below to open this calendar in our digital magazine. This roundup of family events appears in the March 2023 issue of...
Patricia Velkoff

My Turn: Never the Right Numbers

By Patricia Velkoff What is lost when young people become too focused on numeric feedback? Here in Northern Virginia, a number of the high school...

Developmental Disabilities Awareness: 13 Tales to Inspire and Educate

By Luz Flores, librarian at Noyes Library for Young Children, Montgomery County Public Libraries. All book covers are provided by their publishers. For Developmental Disabilities...

The Classroom Outside of Four Walls: Outdoor Education Programs

At Maydale Nature Classroom, children who visit campus will hear the sounds of the green frogs, tree frogs and bullfrogs and see the gnawed-on...

Technology and Critical Thinking: How Do We Keep Young Minds Engaged?

We are sitting around the dinner table and a question comes up. Who won the World Series last year? What is the most populated...

DIY: 13 Mess-Free Crafts for Little Artists

I think there’s still glitter on my floor. From five years ago. Arts and crafts have a way of sticking around, and while I...

Family Fun: 6 Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Kids

Each holiday brings with it the opportunity to participate in unique celebrations with your kids, and St. Patrick’s Day has no shortage of fun...

Education’s Unsung Heroes Honored Through Art

When Terri Downey-Holton, a training specialist in food and nutrition services at Baltimore City Schools, was recognized in a special art exhibit, she felt...

Keeping Your Kid Uninjured and Off the Bench

Staying active is an important part of staying healthy, and spring sports are a great way to keep your child on the move. However,...