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Zoës Kitchen is a recent addition to the Nothern Virginia area’s fast-casual restaurant options, and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve tried from there so far.  They catered a lunch for our office and it was a hit, hands down! Check out the feedback here.

So I was anxious to check out their Spice of Life seasoning and see if it was a good fit with some home recipes.  The label simply lists the ingredients as: Salt, Pepper, Oregano, Garlic Sale and other Secret Ingredients (hmmmm….intriguing).  It recommends using it to spice up poultry, fish, meat, french fries, salads,veggies and popcorn.  Sounds pretty versitile, huh?

I first thought this would be more of a “Season All” type of mix that could be used in place of salt and pepper.  But when I opened up the bottle it had a distinctively Italian seasoning look and smell. 

I decided to give it a try with pork chops and added it to the breading mix I typically use when seasoning them before cooking. It definitely added an Italian flavor to the end results, and we could especially taste the oregano. I didn’t mention anything to my family ahead of time, and my husband asked me what was different about the taste.  Luckily it was a positive reaction and he really enjoyed the flavoring.

I’ve since used it in place of Italian seasoning in pasta sauce and it worked well.  I think it would be welcome substitue to other Italian seasoning mixes and definitely looks and smells fresh and colorful.

It is used in the following Zoës Kitchen menu items:  Chicken & Orzo Soup, Pita Chips, Greek Dressing, as a marinade for any of the chicken options (like Chicken Kabobs, Chargrill Chicken Plate, Grilled Chicken & Slaw Pita, Greek Chicken Pita, Chicken Roll-ups) and the Shrimp Kabobs on the “Orzo Tabouli” Salad.

 Zoës Spice of Life is available for purchase at every location and retails for $3.99.

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