5 Tips: How to Create Original Halloween Decorations

1. Decorations are there to be noticed, so don’t be afraid to be bold. A few large statements will make a bigger impact than several small ones.

2. Roll out the orange carpet this year. Colored synthetic grass or carpet will give your front path or stoop a big impact this year. If your path is straight, just roll it out Oscars-style, but for curved paths try Interflor carpet squares. You can cut them to fit curves and their rubber backing makes them perfect for short term use outside.

3. Let there be light. You’ve seen novelty lights with ghosts and mini jack-o-lanterns before, but try using them in a different way this year. Create structure by wrapping them around a form. A simple sphere can be made with wire and chicken mesh…Make them in different sizes and wrap them with your chosen lights – then place them on your lawn or hang from trees. Once you’ve mastered the sphere – try shaping a giant pumpkin shape.

4. Give your lawn the kiss of death. Insert synthetic black roses randomly throughout your lawn or arrange in giant urns either side of your front door. And chop the buds from a few – Morticia Adams style. You can buy them black or simply spray with black paint.

5. Take your jack-o-lanterns inside. Line the stairs or mantle with mini-carved pumpkins and tea lights to illuminate them. Repetition is the designers best friend, so if you’re going to decorate – multiply your idea.

Article provided by Uncommon Threads on DIY Network.


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