Web Design and Size Specifications


120 pixels Wide x 70 pixels High

1.667inches x 0.972 inches

72dpi resolution



Web Ad

180 pixels Wide x 150 pixels High

2.5inches x 2.83 inches

72dpi resolution


(Web Ads appear on the homepage and on contentpages.)


Web Banner

1917 pixels Wide x 250 pixels High

6.39inches x 0.833 inches

72dpi resolution


(Web Banners appear at the very top of contentpages.)


Pleasemake sure your web advertisement has a border or defined edges.  Ads received without a defined border ordefined edges will have a very light black line added to define theadvertisement.


REMEMBER:  Your web advertisement will need to be simplewith an easy “call to action.”  It is asmall space and will have only a short period of time to grab the viewer’sattention.  Ads with photos or more than3 or 4 words will not be effective.


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