Top 15 Dog Parks in the D.C. Area

“A good dog park should be big. Yeah, really, really big. It should have plenty of space to run, grass to trample on and trees to run behind. My human would appreciate a fence, but I’m not entirely sure why. I’d much rather be able to run free. There should be plenty of space to also meet other dogs, too. I always see my human standing off to the side, so maybe there should be benches. I’m not sure how they expect to greet anyone properly by sitting.

And trees! A park should be near trees! I think my human would like the shade, but I just want to stake them out for squirrels!”

Although there are many great dog parks in the area, here are our top 15 that have something for everyone—humans and dogs included.


Washington, D.C.

Bundy Dog Park

470 P St., NW

Washington, D.C.

This fenced-in turf park is a nice long stretch for dogs to run. The park is as wide as a football field, and is actually attached to a football field! The park offers bags for easy disposal, and there is a free parking lot attached.

Lincoln Park

East Capitol & 11th Streets, SE

Washington, D.C.

Lincoln Park is one of the largest parks in Capitol Hill and offers a little something for everyone. The park is very dog friendly, and has a playground for the little ones.

Columbia Heights Dog Park

11th and Park Road, NW

Washington, D.C.

This community-supported park is well maintained and offers a large space for pups to run around.

Newark Street Dog Park

39th & Newark Streets, NW

Washington, D.C.

Newark Street Dog Park offers separate spaces for large and small breeds, and a canopy to offer shade and shelter during the unpredictable summer weather. There’s a playground for the kids, and there is also a community garden.

Fort Reno Park

3800 Donaldson Pl., NW

Washington, D.C.

Although this is not a fenced-in park, Fort Reno Park is very dog friendly. During the summer, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a picnic.


Ellsworth Urban Dog Park

621 Ellsworth Drive

Silver Spring, MD

This park was the first of its kind in Montgomery County and offers two fully enclosed areas: one for dogs less than 20 pounds, and a larger area for dogs over 20 pounds. In each enclosure there is a drinking fountain and hose for those thirst-inducing summer days, benches, a shade structure and more! The park is located in the southwestern corner of Ellsworth Urban Park.

Cabin John Regional Park

7400 Tuckerman Lane

Bethesda, MD

Cabin John Regional Park offers something for everyone! Located in Bethesda, the park offers all kinds of activities for humans, but for the dogs, there is a fully enclosed park great for romping!

Olney Manor Dog Park

16601 Georgia Ave.

Olney, MD

Olney Manor Dog Park provides two enclosed spaces for dogs: one for the larger breeds, and one for smaller pups. Their owners will find benches, shaded areas as well as plastic baggies, should they have forgotten their own.

Wheaton Regional Park

2000 Shorefield Rd.

Wheaton, MD

Take the whole family for a day outside! Children can play on the slides, swings and climbing structures. There’s even a carousel! For adults, there are plenty of hiking trails. As for the pooches, there’s a fenced-in dog park, and their welcomed to hike, too!

Heurich Dog Park

Ager Road & Nicholson Street

Hyattsville, MD

The park has the standard fenced-in areas for both large and small pooches, benches, shaded areas, and water bowls, but it also has agility course obstacles!


Frying Pan Dog Park

2709 W Ox Rd.

Herndon, VA

Frying Pan Dog Park offers wide-open spaces, but what sets it apart from other parks is that it’s a real working farm! Families are welcome to greet the farm critters, play on the playgrounds, and walk the farm’s nature trails.

One Loudoun Dog Park

Northpark Drive

Ashburn, VA

Clean, inviting and fun, One Loudoun Dog Park offers a wide-open space for all dogs. Cedar chips and fallen trees make a great playground for dogs. There are benches outside the fenced area for owners to watch and converse.

Benjamin Banneker Park

6620 N 18th St.

Arlington, VA

Pups will have plenty of room to romp at Benjamin Banneker Park. There are two areas—one each for small and large dogs—and park volunteers do their best to keep the park clean. There are also neighboring fields and playgrounds for the little ones to enjoy.

Vienna Dog Park

700 Courthouse Rd.

Vienna, VA

This all-gravel park is well maintained, and offers agility structures for dogs to play on. The park has motion-sensor lights that flicker on at night, and there’s a large bucket of water that is always filled.

South Riding Dog Park

25152 Elk Lick Rd.

Chantilly, VA

South Riding Dog Park is very spacious and offers obstacle items for dogs to test their agility on, including hoops, bridges and a jumping bar. There is no provided hose or dog bowls, so owners are asked to bring their own water bowls.


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