Text Message Tips

TIP #1:  Bookmark the login page for Mobile-Easy so you can access it easily.  http://bit.ly/Mobile-Easy

TIP #2:  Do you have a customer list already?

Great!  The “Quick Launch” presentation shows you how to import your list into Mobile-Easy. You may already be set to create your first Blast! You can find easy instructions on how to create that first Blast in the Mobile-Easy ““Help & Resources” feature    

REMEMBER – if you import a list of phone numbers, you must immediately send a blast to them and it MUST be a request to opt out if they do not want to receive your text messages.  If you do not do this “request for permission” then your text can be considered SPAM and your Keyword will be shut down.

Here is an example of the words you should use in the first blast to a list of phone numbers you have imported into the Mobile-Easy system.


TIP #3: When you are logged in, the Mobile-Easy System has an easy-to-understand “Help & Resources” feature. Just click on “Help” link at the top right of the screen. The topics are organized on the Help page for easy reference.

TIP #3:  Make sure your WELCOME MESSAGE for your Keyword says what you want VIP Club members to read when they OPT-IN for your Club.  To test the message, send yourself a text.  Text your Keyword to 90583.

Attached to this email message is a screen shot of how your Keyword Welcome message was set up for you.  If you want to change these words, or add a reward/ bonus discount to thank customers for signing up for your VIP Club, you can go into your account and change the words for the Keyword greeting.  

HINT:  You can do this any time you want to change the Welcome Greeting.  Send me a note and I will send you the easy steps to do this.  Although once you are in the Mobile-Easy system you may see how easy it is and not need to ask for our help (we are happy to help).  

TIP #4:  Make sure all of your “Blasts” start off with the name of your company so people receiving your materials know who is sending it to them.  Here is an example:  Lucia’s Italian/Herndon. Buy one get one FREE today only.


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