Staying Trim in 2011

This is YOUR year! Use these simple tips to stay healthy and trim this year!

Hungry? Try these ideas instead!

  • Do an activity that takes your mind off eating. Maybe try organizing your drawers, matching up socks, or reading a chapter from your favorite book. This helps take the attention away from your craving and distracts you from indulging in that tempting cookie.

  • Brush your teeth. Food doesn’t taste very good with a mix of Listerine or minty breath, and it’ll be much less tempting to grab that candy bar.

  • Drink a glass of water. Often times we think we’re hungry, but it’s really our body telling us that we’re thirsty.

  • Take a power nap. It seems that we’re always bored or tired when hunger sneaks up on us. Sleep away that craving and catch up on some needed rest!

Stressed? Calm your nerves with these tips!

  • Take a short walk outside. The brisk air and quieter surroundings will create a sense of calm and a break from your daily routine. Even if you have young kids, you can have them play on the sidewalk while you power-walk around the parking lot.

  • Take a minute to stretch. Our bodies tense up when we’re under stress and a great way to relieve that stress it release that tension in our muscles.

  • Jot down a list of your stressors. Being able to see these things in front of you will help you realize where your stress is coming from, and help you deal with each one accordingly.

  • Take a bubble bath. No time for a bath? Soak your feet in hot water to give your body the illusion of a relaxing bath. Add fuzzy socks for extra coziness.

No time to workout? Watch these easy workout videos to fit a little exercise into your daily routine.

Need help coming up with good weight loss goals? This article from our January magazine has some great tips!


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