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My daughter, now a college freshman, was actively involved in her high school theatre program. The drama department produced several shows a year, and students could purchase a t-shirt for each show, so she amassed quite a collection.

I knew each t-shirt brought back unique memories for her, so was reluctant to toss them out or donate them, and I loved the idea of a preserving them somehow, but am none too crafty or skilled in the sewing department. Enter Project Repat to the rescue!

The company was founded on the premise of keeping USA-made textiles, as well as jobs, inside the country, hence the “Repat” part of the name short for repatriate — meaning to return to the country of origin) and well as creating less waste and using recycled products (the fleece backing on each quilt is made from recycled plastic bottles).

Once you’ve decided how many t-shirt sides you would like to use, you can chose the size of your quilt, ranging from a lap blanket with 16, to a king-sized comforter with 64. You also chose the color fleece you would like as the backing (7 colors are offered).

After you complete your online order, you’re sent an email outlining the project instructions. You do have to do some leg work before sending off your shirts. Once you decide if you want the front or back used on the quilt, you cut the shirt along the bias and send in only that side. An instructional video shows you how to do this, but I admit I was a little intimidated at first about screwing this up. Once I got going it went fine, and I cut a few shirts here and there while I watched TV. When all 16 were cut and ready, I mailed them off, and received a confirmation email after they had been received.

A couple weeks later, an email notification alerted me that my quilt was shipped. I really like the finished product, and plan to give it to my daughter for Christmas. Just looking it over brought back so many memories for me—I can’t imagine how much it will for her! I’m confident she’ll love and treasure it.

This really is a unique way to recycle old t-shirts and create a meaningful gift and keepsake, and has the added bonus of supporting a true “Made in the USA” company.

Prices range from $74.99 (lap quilt) to $239.99 (king size) plus shipping

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