Parking Target

Parking Target Is A Must Have Parking Aid

There is something simply wonderful about being married to a man that has the world’s most organized garage.  Having said that, he collects “stuff” and lots of it.  
He is not capable of passing up a bungee cord on the side of the road or a lawn mower someone is throwing away because he wants to see if he can fix it. He has brought home three different sets of rod iron patio furniture that he has spray painted and found a good home for.

His current project is a beautiful antique dresser that he is in the process of sanding down. I’m not sure how he’s managed, but it all fits in our garage. You name it, we’ve got it: tools, lawn mowers, kids’ toys, an air compressor, bikes, shoe racks that beautifully hold all of our shoes from the ceiling to floor, and much more.

I’m certainly happy that my husband keeps a tidy garage even as packed as it is, but it has made parking a challenge. Parking Target has made my life so much easier. Since I drive a SUV it takes up a lot of room, and it’s always been hard to judge how far I need to back in before I might hit something.

With Parking Target I am able to back in until I feel my tire hit the target, then I know my car is in the perfect position. I can also see the Parking Target on the floor in my back up camera, making it easier for me to judge the distance from the side of my car to the shelves.

Only one Parking Target per vehicle is needed and you can place it on either side of your tire. It has a sticker you can peel off on the bottom which holds it in place. It comes with cool pink “MOM” and blue “DAD” decals if you wish to add those.

Parking Target
Price: $9.99 each/ $4.99 shipping (free shipping for 4 or more)
Manufacturer: IPI Products
 Durability 5
 Ease of use  5
 Affordable  5
 I would purchase this for myself  yes
 I would purchase this as a gift  yes
 Overall rating  5
 All ratings on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest.
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