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In my six years of being a mom, I’ve realized how important it is to pamper myself, to invest a few minutes in myself.  Usually these minutes—and rarely is it longer than a few minutes—come in what I’d call the transition phase of my day. 

This is the time when I’m doing my best to slough off the tired mommy parts of me and become an actual friendly and functioning adult again.  It took a few years to realize how much I appreciated good products with, depending on my mood, invigorating or soothing or comforting scents to help me in this transition, but now I have a handful of quality, girly products that I love.  They help return me to me after a day with my trio of great but sometimes patience-zapping young kids.

Lemongrass Spa carries some of the wonderfully-smelling and -feeling spa products that I keep on hand.  Perhaps less well known than other big companies, Lemongrass has exceptional products, and a lot of them. 

My favorite product is the Pomegranate Body Polish and lotion, which I am tempted to tuck away until mid-winter when the fruity smells will help remind me that the cold does have an expiration date. 

The body polish is thick and bright, and exfoliates my skin while enriching it—the smell alone wakes me up and makes me happy.  I am definitely a fan, and would happily add a bunch of Lemongrass Spa’s other body polishes—almond, pink grapefruit, coconut lime vanilla in case my husband is reading this—to my collection.

But Lemongrass Spa sells a whole lot more than just body polish.  They also carry a wide variety of sheer mineral (read: chemical-free) make-up, from brushes to eye shadow, eye liner pencils to concealing sticks. 


I’m not a huge product junkie for make-up, but I always wear a little and I like colors and products that are subtle and gentle and, well, pretty.  You can also shop at Lemongrass for sunscreen, products for the men in your life, spritz and insect repellants, foot care and handcrafted soap.  

(I should mention a few “small print” items: Lemongrass has a good return policy, in case you’re curious but hesitant to purchase products you’ve not handled and smelled and touched yourself in an actual store.  If for any reason you are dissatisfied, you can contact Lemongrass or your representative within 60 days for a replacement or exchange.  Also, many of their products are date-stamped for freshness to ensure that you receive quality items, and their shipping is accurate and fast.)

Lemongrass Spa is a home party company; their team might one day include you!  They utilize at-home parties and get-togethers where you are the hostess and consultant.  You can earn an excellent income with flexible hours while enjoying free products and time spent with friends.  

In case you need another reason to start shopping at Lemongrass, know that they are a small company that gives big.  Individual consultants are mindful and generous; many have raised money for the American Red Cross, various Breast Cancer Awareness walks, Missouri Disaster Relief—just to name a few.  I like to choose deserving companies at which to spend my hard-earned dollars, and Lemongrass is one such company.

Local consultant Benita Hughes would be happy to provide additional information and orders. You can contact her through her Facebook page or at the number below. 

There are so many reasons to check these products out and so many blissful moments waiting for you!

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Benita Hughes,Sales Consultant



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