Frozen Trouble Game

I recommend Disney’s Frozen TROUBLE Board game to any Frozen fan family, especially ones with young girls ages 5 plus. Disney and Hasbro Gaming have made a good move to capitalize on the generations-old TROUBLE POP-O-MATIC board game, merchandise their hit movie “Frozen” and introduce the game to a whole new generation.

Like the old Hasbro TROUBLE with the POP-O-MATIC bubble die, the Frozen version can be enjoyed by players age 5 and over. You don’t need to have seen the movie to play the game. For younger children, playing enhances counting and good sportsmanship skills. Older children and adults enjoy the POP-O-MATIC die risk factor and strategy, along with sending someone back to their start space, especially if that someone is Mom or Dad.

The all-plastic game assembles fairly quickly, with the brightly colored graphic sheet on the POP-O-MATIC game board, and the 16 small Frozen character stickers attaching to the game pieces. After play, the game cleans up easily. It would be nice if there was a special bag to hold the 16 small game pieces and game instructions after play. We used a zip lock sandwich bag for the purpose. The game travels well in a backpack or tote bag. It can be played in the car, but not on a plane or train.

The game pieces are color coordinated for Frozen movie characters, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Sven. Set for 2-4 players, instructions are somewhat illustrated, simple to read and follow for a child of 7+; younger children will need to have the instructions explained to them and play perhaps 2-3 times to fully understand how the game works.

There are several levels of play: the classic TROUBLE for ages 3 and up, and a challenge level of play called Double TROUBLE, with a Power-Up option that gives players unexpected, additional turns. The Power-Up option in Double TROUBLE is more suitable to children 8+; the younger children didn’t really understand the concept and fairness of additional turns. We found that for teens and adults, the appeal of playing depended on playing with a younger family member. Mom Tip: Have the players POP to decide who their character will be; it saves time. “Frozen is Chosen!” said our youngest daughter (age 9); she and her friends LOVED the game!

Disney’s FROZEN, Olaf’s in TROUBLE Board Game

Ages 5+

2-4 Players

Hasbro Gaming for Disney

MSRP $ 15.99

Instructions were easy to follow 4
My child(ren) played multiple times 5
Appealed to both boys and girls
Small pieces were a problem  2
Would travel well
I would pruchase this for my family
I would purchase this as a gift
Overall rating 5

All ratings on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest.

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