Favorite Mother’s Day Gifts

(or helpful hints on what to buy)

Most moms will tell you that their favorite gift on Mother’s Day is a handmade card from their children and then a day of enjoyment where they don’t have to do anything, make any decisions or be in charge. 

Dad – here is a tip for you.  Once you have made the arrangements for mom to have a great day and the kids have made the wonderful handmade card, here are some suggestions on great gifts you can buy for the mother of your children.

The gift ideas are not listed in any special order — just the way they came to us.  Happy Mother’s Day!



Dinner out without kids

Homemade pictures, cards, letters, artwork, etc.

Spa day





Health club membership



House cleaning

Diner cooked for me

Breakfast in bed

Breakfast cooked by kids

Tickets to Carmina Burana

Engraved silver heart jewelry box

Any gift that is a surprise


Brunch at a nice place

Having yard work done


Painted tiles

Hand print art


A note saying “I love you Mom”

A poem written by your child

Spending time with children

Seeing your child’s reaction to surprising you

Taking time to relax

A family outing somewhere if it is a nice day

Alone time

A hug

A smile

Four more hours of sleep

Photos to update desk and/or wallet

A day without stress

A long run with your dog

A BBQ with your whole family

Running around on a sunny day

Spending time with your husband and kids where there isn’t a phone or email

Not having to cook or clean

Picture of children taken by dad (unknown by mom) and the story behind it  – getting them dressed, to go to the park, ice cream after, etc.

Book of coupons for mom made by child for chores, hugs, kisses, etc. 

Fill in the blank “My mom is special because……   or I love my mom because she……”

Going to church with everyone getting dressed, in the car, etc. with no fighting or crying

Making my favorite foods for dinner like BROWNIES.

Sleeping in

A day of not being responsible or making any decisions.


Breakfast in Bed Ideas

   Mom will love this! (Dad, you can lend a handto your little ones if they aren’t old enough to do this themselves). Let the kids choose what they think is what Momwould like to eat before the big meal. Dad, help them gather with the correct ingredients thenight before (when Mom isn’t watching, ofcourse!)

   Prepare the meal and create a tray that Mom cansit in bed to eat from.Include a cloth napkin, beautiful drinkingglass (champagne with a strawberry always works well) and a hand-pickedflower in a small bud vase.

   If mom tries to get up before the meal isready, let the kids tell her they have something special for her and that sheshould relax in bed a little bit longer.

   Dad, carry the try into mom yourself if yourkids are too young.  If they are older, let them bring Mom the tray.  They will love walking into Mom’s room and presenting their masterpiece.  Be sure to have the camera handy!






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