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Barstons Child’s Play Offers Great Selection and Service

My first thought as I walked into Child’s Play toy store in the Congressional Plaza was, “Wow!  There’s a lot of stuff in here!”  The store is rather small and packs lots of toys, games, activities, dress-ups and books from floor to ceiling.  The aisles are small, so only bring a stroller if you have to, and a double stroller definitely won’t fit in the store.

Despite the small square footage, they carry tons of items.  I went with my two daughters looking for Legos for my son.  The sales associate walked us to the Lego section, explained how they were organized by theme and age group, and even suggested some items that my four year old might enjoy.  



She knew what she was talking about and I really appreciated her help and input. Plus they had so many Legos to choose from.  The prices on everything were clearly marked; even the items on high shelves were labeled with signs that could be read from far away.  I liked this because I didn’t have to bother a store employee to ask how much something cost.

Child’s Play carries so many fun things we could have stayed and looked for hours!  I liked the variety: there were games, learning toys, building toys, pretend and dress-up toys, items for infants, bath toys, art and craft supplies, and more.  They also carry tons of books; the back of the store is almost a children’s book store! (On a side note: Child’s Play does Story Time on Saturdays at the Congressional Plaza location.) The display train table for little ones to play with was great for my two year old and allowed me to browse nearby uninterrupted for a few minutes.  


Child’s Play’s prices are fair and I appreciated the variety of prices.  For example, in the elaborate dress up section they had fancy princess dresses that were more expensive than I was willing to spend as well as more moderately priced tutus and tiaras.  There is sure to be something for every budget.

The store has a large pretend tree in the middle with a tunnel that small children can walk through.  This was a big hit with my daughter!  The lighting seemed a little on the dark side for me, but with the helpfulness of the sales associates we didn’t have a hard time finding what we wanted to see.



Barstons Child’s Play is located in the Congressional Plaza on Rockville Pike and there is plenty of free parking and other great shops to visit.  They have other area locations in Washington DC, Baltimore, MD, Arlington, VA and McLean, VA. For more information, go to

Convenient Location    5
Customer Service  3
Decor  5
Price/Affordability  4
Kid-Friendly  3
Available Parking
Overall Rating

All ratings on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being highest. 

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