Candy Tung-Toos

Tongue Art Candy is Silly Fun


My daughter is well into her teen years and has outgrown most kid toys. Outside of clothes I find it increasingly harder to shop for Christmas presents and stocking stuffers. She enjoys baking and shopping for clothes but what teenage girl doesn’t? I often try to think of ways to throw a little fun into the mix when she has friends over but it’s not always easy.

When I came across Tung-Toos I knew this was something she would be excited about trying. Tung-Toos are flavored edible temporary tongue tattoos that come in six fun flavors. They offer chillin cherry, rockin razzzzzberry, sour strawbelicious, wacky watermelon, laughin lemonade, and painfuly puckering apple. Tung-Toos also come in fun, scary and gross flavors for Halloween.

Tung-Toos are easy to use and the result is immediate. You simply place the candy tattoo on your tongue for no more than 2 seconds and lift off carefully to avoid smudging.

My daughter had a good time experimenting with all of the different designs. She even brought a few to school so she could share them with her friends around the lunch table. Some of the flavors are better than others and they do smudge easily if you are not careful. Basically they are a simple but silly way to have a little fun and get away with sticking your tongue out at people.


Manufacturer: Factory of Fun, LLC


Instructions were easy to follow 5
Appeals to kids  4
Taste  3
Easy to use  yes
 I would purchase thisproduct  yes
 Overall rating 4
 All ratings on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest.
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