Benefits of Summer Camp

    •    Kids get an opportunity to learn about academic ideas in an experiential way-limiting the amount of summer brain drain that takes place.

    •    Camp offers a stimulating environment with plenty of things to do and fun places to cool off.

    •    Camp fosters independence and promotes group living.

    •    Camp is a safe environment that encourages unstructured free play- an opportunity that urban children often miss out on.

    •    Kids learn about themselves. They learn to take responsibility for their actions and belongings.

    •    Children get an opportunity to meet new people that are not in their school or neighborhood cliques.

    •    They learn to solve their own problems.

    •    Kids get a chance to explore the outdoors where it is green instead of staring at a computer, television, or cell phone screen.

    •    Kids begin to understand the impact of their actions on nature.

    •    Performing in plays, lip synching to a favorite song, or participating in a talent show helps children build the self-confidence they need to do public speaking.

    •    One study found that children reminisce about camp right before they take a test or do a stressful activity. They say those memories make them at ease.

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Planning for Camp

Preparing Children for the Summer Camp Experience


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