5 Reasons to Consider BASIS Independent McLean for Your Child


BASIS Independent McLean is an age 2–grade 12 private school that fuels creativity, ingenuity, and independence from day one! Part of a world-class network of schools, BASIS Independent McLean offers a global education for the next generation of leaders. How do we do it?

  1. Our curriculum is globally benchmarked.
    The BASIS Curriculum blends the top education systems worldwide. Founded on creativity and innovation and powered by traditional academics, the BASIS Curriculum is designed to inspire students to learn at the highest international levels!
  2. Our spiraling program is rooted in the liberal arts and STEM.
    Students at BASIS Independent McLean engage in Mandarin, accelerated mathematics, humanities, art, music, the sciences and much more. From day one, key concepts are “spiraled” to help students to master topics and make connections across diverse subject matter, enabling them to build problem-solving and critical-thinking skills along the way.
  3. Subject Expert Teachers teach every course.
    At the helm of every classroom is a Subject Expert Teacher who uses their passion and expertise in their chosen discipline to bring content to life and empower students’ full potential. In grades 1–4, we employ a two-teacher model with a Learning Expert Teacher who remains with students throughout the day and ensures additional support and consistency.
  4. A joyful learning culture is at our school’s core.
    Our teachers and staff alike are committed to fostering a joyful learning culture where hard work is celebrated and intellectual pursuits results in extraordinary outcomes. When school is somewhere students feel confident, independent and encouraged, they love to learn. And, when students love to learn, they excel.
  5. Our students learn to be active participants, not just spectators, in their education!
    From day one, our program and teachers unite to help students develop autonomy in order to instill the resilience to adapt to new challenges. And, in addition to prioritizing academics, we focus on ensuring students build character, compassion and leadership skills, resulting in well-rounded, driven individuals.

BASIS Independent McLean is now accepting applications. Learn more at an upcoming Open House. Register today!


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