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Tips for building an emergency savings fund

(BPT) – Sponsored ad content from Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc. Emergencies by nature happen when we least expect them, and often at an inconvenient time. From a minor emergency like a car or home repair to more serious emergencies like a medical issue or unemployment, handling the emergency becomes …

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Top 5 financial tips for women

(BPT) – Do women worry more about saving for retirement? There are many reasons women may be concerned about saving enough — they have a longer life expectancy, they often earn less than their male counterparts and they may have fewer full-time working years due to time spent caring for …

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EPOC: ¿Tiene usted esta enfermedad?

(StatePoint) Es muy probable que conozca a alguien con EPOC, o enfermedad pulmonar obstructiva crónica. Es la cuarta causa principal de muerte en los EE.UU., y se le ha diagnosticado a más de 16 millones de estadounidenses. Pero, de acuerdo con el Instituto Nacional del Corazón, Pulmón y Sangre (NHLBI, …

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