10 Types of CAMPS to Explore

Children in white chef's clothing chop vegetables.
Photo by Davit85

There are many camps to choose from, but where to start? Most camps fall within these 10 categories—from the rugged and independent to the fun and familial.

There’s so much to learn in the summer! School subjects take on a fun, extended play feel at camp, with science experiments, robotics challenges, cooking classes and living history.

Caving, rock climbing, canoeing, hiking and surfing are all activities you might find at an adventure camp. Campers often go on outdoor excursions—sometimes for weeks at a time!

Whether your child is interested in cultivating a variety of talents—such as singing, dancing, acting and improv at theater camp—or a more focused discipline such as anime art, creativity can flow freely through arts camps.

Swim, run and play for a half or full day until it’s time to go home! Day camps are convenient for parents and provide a fun day for kids with their friends.

An overnight camp that strengthens familial bonds through time spent together. Camp with immediate family or grandparents!

Some camps are built for special interests. Nutrition camp? Pharmacy camp? If your child has a passion, you may be able to find a camp made just for them.

Campfires, s’mores, cabins and friendship building are all a key part of the traditional overnight camp experience. Enjoy a variety of activities and develop independence.

These camps cultivate values from faiths such as Judaism and Christianity, allowing kids to dig deeper into their own spirituality and celebrate fun cultural traditions.

Stay active with watersports, team sports, independent sports and friendly competitions at camp. Build on your skills, learn new ones and meet like-minded enthusiasts along the way.

Teen camps often include more independent activities and focus on cultivating leadership skills and responsibility in older campers.



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