Fun Ways to Celebrate Easter for the Whole Family

Easter egg hunts, dyeing eggs, and chocolate bunnies are all things kids look forward to each year for Easter. While these are great ways to celebrate, it can be tricky to think of new things to do. Plus, it shouldn’t only be kids getting in on the fun.


While traditions are great, here are some fun ways to spread the Easter cheer for everyone in the family.

Getting Ready

The holiday doesn’t have to last one day. Instead, you can start building excitement and preparing for the holiday together with these simple ideas.

1. Read all about it! Reading books is a great way to learn about the holiday and build excitement. Plus, there is something for everyone.

If you want to focus on the faith aspects of the holiday, you can try “The Story of Easter” (under 5), “The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story” (ages 5-10) or a lent study or reading plan on the YouVersion Bible App (tweens and older).

Other fun books for kids are “Happy Easter from the Crayons” (ages 4-8), “How to Catch the Easter Bunny” (ages 2-6) and “Easter Eggstravaganza Mad Libs” (ages 6 and older).

2. Something to wear: Easter is a great time to get dressed up, and everyone can get in on the fun. Make it a special, festive occasion for all ages by encouraging family members to wear their Sunday best or follow a theme like florals or spring colors. Instead of picking things out for kids and presenting them on the day of Easter, let them help choose and plan their outfits. Hang each outfit someplace special so they can see it and look forward to wearing it.

3. Spread the joy: In the weeks leading up to Easter, think about how your family can spread joy with others in the community. Kids can color little Easter cards and deliver them to neighbors. Grandparents can make a special spring dessert with grandchildren. Families and teens can serve in a soup kitchen. Make the holiday one to celebrate with the community.


Create the Perfect Easter Baskets for Everyone

There are so many fun options to include in an Easter basket. Be sure to include a few of the classics but have fun thinking outside the box—or basket! An especially fun idea is to have something special for the big kids and grown-ups, too. Here are some ideas to get you started:

The basket: A traditional basket is a good starting point, but you can also think beyond that. There are so many ideas for what to use instead of a standard basket.

• A new pastel sand bucket with a shovel
• Easter-themed gift bag
• A reusable tote bag
• Makeup bag
• Upside-down hat
• An open umbrella turned upside down
• A fun mug
• Watering can
• Jumbo plastic egg
• Beach bag
• Mason jar
• Hatbox
• Flowerpot
• LEGO-built basket
• Mixing bowl
• Toy dump truck
• Takeout containers
• Rain boots
• Helmet
• Colander

You can even get crafty and make a basket out of anything from rice cereal to straws. If you want to make a big statement, you can do a family Easter basket out of something larger like a small kiddie pool or sandbox.

Filler: Most baskets have some sort of filler to take up space and feel festive. Many people use plastic Easter grass, but if you are looking for some other options, there are plenty of ideas. Environmentally friendly options include:

• Tissue paper
• Shredded paper
• Yarn or felt pom-poms
• Inflated mini balloons
• Moss
• Ribbon
• Fresh flowers
• Real grass (you can grow your own using wheatgrass)
• Edible grass
• Shredded coconut
• Rafia
• Colorful scarves

The basics: Everyone loves the classics. After all, they are classic for a reason. Some of the best things you can include in your baskets are some sort of Easter egg, jelly beans and a chocolate bunny. Then, you can build from there.

Fun fillers: Now it’s time to have some fun filling up the Easter baskets! This is where you can customize things for each person by choosing favorite treats and unexpected gifts. Think about what each recipient would enjoy.
• Is there a special kind of candy they like?
• Do they have a hobby?
• What will make them feel special?

When you fill the basket with the recipient in mind, you’re sure to create something they will love!

To get you started, here are some ideas that go beyond candy:

• Books
• Puzzles
• Candles
• Small craft kits
• Flower or vegetable seeds
• PlayDoh
• Hair clips
• Crayons
• Mini toys such as a Rubix Cube or Etch-a-Sketch
• Tiny LEGO
• Mini tool kit
• Gourmet coffee or tea
• Deck of cards
• Bubbles
• Glow sticks
• Chapstick
• Gum
• Stickers
• Bath bombs or bubble bath
• Pocket knife

Whatever you include, think about the person you are giving it to. Choosing a few special, custom things is far better than filling a basket with trinkets they won’t use or enjoy.

Fun Activities & Games

(Africa Studio/adobestock)

Easter egg hunts are a tried-and-true tradition for celebrating the holiday. Sometimes, however, the weather doesn’t cooperate or plans don’t work for all ages. Think about who will be celebrating the holiday with you and try these ideas so everyone has a fun way to celebrate.

Traditional Easter egg hunt: Hold a traditional hunt by hiding plastic eggs filled with candy outside or around the house. Let kids explore and find their treasures, keeping what they find.

Shared Easter egg hunt: Make the hunt feel fair by collecting all eggs and divvying up the candy equally at the end. This allows kids to still hunt for eggs but evens the playing field. This can be especially important if you have different ages participating.

Buddy Easter egg hunt: Pair a little one with a teen or adult to hunt for eggs. This is a great way to get everyone involved in the fun.

Scavenger hunt: Instead of having kids hunt for eggs, give them a scavenger hunt that leads to a prize or their Easter basket. For young children, the clues can be pictures or things they need to collect. For older kids and adults, you can find clues online or write your own. You can even expand this idea into the community by having a scavenger hunt that requires finding things in the neighborhood.

Easy Indoor Activities

If you’re stuck inside on Easter, you’ll need some simple things to help you have fun. Here are some easy ideas, perfect for indoors:

Tic-Tac-Toe: Using graham crackers and icing, create a tic-tac-toe board. Then, use jellybeans to play.
Bake Off: Create a score sheet to rate each of the desserts and see which one gets the most votes. Give a prize to whoever made the winning dessert.
Resurrection Eggs: Try using these special eggs (Easter egg set with booklet and religious figurines inside, available on Amazon) in an indoor hunt and use the cards and special trinkets to tell the story of Easter.


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