Unlock the secret to ageless skin

(BPT) – It’s no secret that most of us can’t stand the signs of aging on our skin and are looking for ways to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, tighten crepey loose skin, and fade scarring and other imperfections — without resorting to cosmetic surgery.

The good news is that we no longer have to let our skin reveal our true age. There are more options than ever before to help reverse the signs of skin aging, but leading physicians say that Cutera’s Secret RF Microneedling stands out from the pack. This novel system combines microneedling and radiofrequency (RF) energy — which are both powerful skin rejuvenation methods in their own right, but produce even more powerful and precise results when used together.

Secret RF delivers fractional radio frequency (RF) energy into the skin, including its deeper layers, for maximum skin rejuvenating benefits. This stimulates the skin’s natural healing process, which boosts the production of elastin, hyaluronic acid and collagen, the building blocks of healthy, youthful skin. Unlike other devices that only deliver energy to the skin’s surface, Secret RF energy penetrates deep below the surface where it’s needed most for targeted rejuvenation. Secret RF Microneedling is also safe for all skin types and tones because the technology has unique customizable microneedle tips and specialized handpieces.

The Secret RF treatment can be performed in your healthcare professional’s office with minimal downtime. In fact, it can be done all year round, even during the summer.

“For comfort, numbing cream can be applied to the area to be treated for about 20 minutes. After the treatment, your skin will be pink, similar to a slight sunburn, which typically lasts a few hours but may last up to 24 hours depending on the intensity of the treatment. Many patients see improvement after the first treatment, with optimal results seen after a series of three treatments spaced one month apart. The number of treatments depends on the condition being treated,” says Dr. Robyn Siperstein of the Siperstein Dermatology Group in Boca Raton, FL.

It’s a highly versatile treatment and works well for women and for men, says New York City Dermatologist Marina Peredo, MD. “Secret RF Microneedling can treat acne scars, stretch marks and can also be used to minimize pores. We are able to customize treatments based on each individual’s top concerns, skin type, and area of the face or body,” says Dr. Peredo. “We may use a gentler setting for light facial rejuvenation, fine lines or pores, and a more aggressive setting for acne scarring, which requires deeper penetration. We are also getting excellent results for crepey skin of the neck, around the eyelids, upper arms and abdomen, without the discomfort and downtime of some other devices.”

If you are ready to turn the table on aging skin, schedule a consultation with a Cutera Secret RF provider near you today.


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