Turn Household Headaches into Easy Fixes

(StatePoint) As temperatures rise, it’s time to enjoy the great outdoors. But you may find the colder months took a toll on your home, yard or gear. Are there some items that seem beyond repair?

Here are a few tips and tape repairs to get you through even the toughest tasks.

1. No More Slippery Steps 


Falls are one of the leading causes of unintentional injuries, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and if you have an older ladder with poor traction, you could be asking for trouble. So, if your next project takes you to new heights, make sure to first apply tread tape to each ladder rung to provide extra grip and protection from slipping, helping to keep you from becoming a statistic.

2. Get a Grip on Garden Gear 


Taking care of your lawn and garden is no easy task, and your garden tools may have the wear and tear to prove it. Whether you’re dealing with broken handles, worn grips or torn fabrics, use a high-strength tape such as T-Rex Tape, which has the intense strength, durability and holding power to handle even the most extreme repairs with ease and have you back to work in no time.

3. Simple Tech Saves 


Blame it on multi-tasking: you dropped your device in the middle of a DIY video and a cracked screen has left you (and your project) in despair. Can’t break away to get to a repair shop? Apply clear repair tape over the shattered screen to get the surface functioning and you back to mastering your task.  

4. Secure Furniture Moves


Whether you’re moving the extra fridge into the garage to store frosty beverages or relocating patio set pieces from the shed, furniture moves can cause headaches. To make it easy, skip the bungee and opt for Brute Force tape to keep doors shut and secure heavy pieces to the dolly.

5. Fast Repair for Flimsy Flag Poles


If a broken flag pole is interfering with your patriotism or ability to support your favorite sports team, simply apply a strong, all-weather tape, such as T-Rex Tape for a fast and secure repair. The aggressive, double-thick adhesive sticks to rough, dirty surfaces and holds strong even through intense weather and temperatures. 

6. Up Your Curb Appeal


If you’re looking for an inexpensive (and easy to install) boost to curb appeal, consider adding or updating house numbers, door knockers or other decorative hardware. Forget drilling into metal, brick or siding; instead, consider a heavy-duty mounting tape for a simple — and stylish — solution.

7. Patches for Pools


Warm weather means your family will be ready for fun in the sun and a few laps in your backyard pool. On the flip side, finding a pool leak can send you spiraling down the money drain, while a hole in your child’s favorite float might cause the next meltdown. For quick and easy repairs, grab T-Rex Waterproof Tape, which as the name implies, offers a waterproof seal, even for underwater repairs.

For additional repair tips, visit T-RexTape.com.

Repairs don’t have to be as brutal as winter’s worst storm. This year, make sure to stock your tool box with the strongest tapes around.


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