Three Tips for Making the Most of Bring Your Kids to Work Day

(BPT) – It’s that time of year again, when smaller smiles, tinier helping hands and bigger imaginations start coming into work — this Thursday is Bring Your Kids to Work Day!

It’s an annual tradition at workplaces nationwide and a perfect time for families everywhere to make memories and connections. This year, Lance — the beloved maker of the original Lance sandwich cracker who this week is announcing a bite-sized version, Lance Minis — is calling on families and workplaces across the country to get involved and make the most of the day.

They are rallying around the day after uncovering that while just over one third (38%) of working parents participates in Bring Your Kids to Work Day, 84% agree that their child feels more connected with them after taking part. So, Lance is here to help foster those connections and get behind this “Mini Me Moment” for families everywhere.

Here are the top three hacks for making the most of your day!

1. Get involved!

The first step is to prioritize participating in the day! While our work days may be busy and sometimes stressful, Lance research revealed that a strong majority of parents (85%) agree Bring Your Kids to Work Day has a positive impact on the kids, and 80% agree they feel more connected with their child after participating in the day.

Mark the day on your calendar and work on scheduling kid-friendly meetings or appointments that day. And don’t fret if you’re not able to get involved on the day itself — you can always explore picking an alternate date, or if your workplace isn’t kid-friendly, you can have your own “What Work Is Like” session with your child at home. Feel free to get creative!

2. Plan Ahead

While the majority of parents see strong benefits for the day, the main hurdle is knowing what to do. More than 1 in 3 parents don’t know what to do with their child when they bring them into the office (34%), and a strong majority (71%) wish they had more activities to do with their child on the day.

Chances are work keeps you busy during the day, so you can certainly find some fun ways to keep your child engaged as well! Consider speaking with your workplace to see if any kid-friendly activities might be possible — like a fun office immersion, a lesson from experts or a work-related scavenger hunt. And there are plenty of ways to take the schedule into your own hands! Parents today say the top activities they swear by for the day are introducing their child to the boss (74%), giving an office tour (71%), shadowing through daily routines (69%) and breaking for snack time (65%).

3. Focus on Connecting

No matter what, it’s good to keep your eye on what’s important — the number one reason parents say they participate in Bring Your Kids to Work Day is to connect with their child. Leverage activities as teaching moments. Use snack time as an occasion to be present and engage. Try asking and answering questions whenever possible. And ultimately, take this as an opportunity to bridge home life and work life in a way that inspires your children — and it might even inspire you too!

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