Mexican Pinwheels

 2 8-ounce bricks low fat cream cheese, softened

1 cup salsa

5 spring onions, chopped

1 cup or more grated Cabot 75% reduced fat cheddar cheese

1 small can of green chopped chiles

Cream all of the above ingredients together.

Spread onto 7 or 8 dinner plate size whole wheat tortillas.

Roll up.

Wrap in Saran Wrap and put in plastic bag.

Chill for several hours.

Slice with serrated knife.

Add hot sauce if you wish.

Judy Caplan is a registered dietitian with a private practice in preventative health in Reston, VA. Her children’s book, Gobey Gets Full – Good Nutrition in a Nutshell, is now available. Visit for more information about Judy and her company.


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