The Princess Who Wore Glasses: Children’s Book

Enjoy This Book With Your Little Princess!

The Princess Who Wore Glasses tells the story of Princess Liana, daughter of Queen Victoria and King Edward. They lived in a kingdom that was surrounded by beautiful birds and flowers. Princess Liana had a secret: she was unable to see any of those birds and trees clearly. After Liana has a conversation with her mother, Queen Victoria realizes her daughter is not able to see well.

The King and Queen decide to take Princess Liana to see the court magician (who you and I refer to as an optometrist!). The court magician checks Princess Liana’s eyes and then performs the magic necessary to help Princess Liana’s vision by making her a pair of glasses.

Once Liana tries on her glasses she is able to see all the scenery the kingdom has to offer. The story goes on to show how much happier Princess Liana is after she receives her glasses and can see much better.

The illustrations in The Princess Who Wore Glasses were beautiful with very intricate designs and details. The illustrations make you feel like you are in the kingdom with Princess Liana and her family.  Despite being 34 pages the book is easy to read for young readers. It’s an engaging read and keeps a child interested and is clearly aimed at little girls.

This is a feel good book about confidently wearing glasses. The Princess Who Wore Glasses also teaches about problem solving and being ok with needing help. This book explores how much how much Princess Liana had missed prior to getting glasses.

I recommend The Princess Who Wore Glasses, especially if you have a princess at home like I do! This book is a great read whether or not your child wears glasses.

The Princess Who Wore Glasses

By Laura Hertzfeld Katz

Paperback, 34 pages

Published by CreateSpace

Easy to Read   5
Quality of Illustrations 5
Appealed to Both Boys and Girls 3
Kept My Child’s Interest 4
I Would Purchase This For My Family yes
I Would Purchase This As a Gift yes
Overall Rating 4

 All ratings on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being

the highest.

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