Springtime for Families: 9 Books to Celebrate the Season

Spring is a time for celebration, whether it’s Easter, Passover or Eid, or just the excitement of warmer days and new things growing. Grow your child’s love of reading with these seasonal selections that highlight the joys and adventures of spring.

Picture Books

Bunnies have eggs! oh my!
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“We’re Going on an Egg Hunt”
by Martha Mumford,
illustrated by Laura Hughes
Go on an Easter egg hunt from the comfort of your favorite reading nook with this lift-the-flap story. A group of bunnies wander through charming, bucolic scenes searching for Easter eggs. This Easter twist on “Going on a Bear Hunt” will have readers encountering chicks, bees and other animals associated with spring.

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“Owen’s Marshmallow Chick”
by Kevin Henkes
Owen loves all the candy that the Easter Bunny left in his Easter basket. But which is his favorite? This short story is sweet in more ways than one.

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“The Passover Guest”
by Susan Kusel, illustrated by Sean Rubin
Muriel is a young girl who lives with her family in Washington, D.C. in 1933, during the Great Depression, and Muriel’s family can’t afford to celebrate Seder like they have in the past. But when she shows kindness to a street performer at the Lincoln Memorial, a miracle follows shortly after. This book has beautiful watercolor illustrations that feature detailed scenes of Washington, D.C.

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“The Best Eid Ever”
by Asma Mobin Uddin,
illustrated by Laura Jacobson
Aneesa is sad she will not be spending Eid with her parents this year, but her grandmother cheers her up with wonderful gifts and food. At the mosque, Aneesa meets two girls who are having an even less fortunate Eid than she is, and decides to embrace the holiday’s spirit of generosity and giving.

Early Readers

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“Calendar Mysteries: April Adventures”
by Ron Roy
This mystery series is perfect for fans of “The Magic Treehouse” and Roy’s previous series, “A to Z Mysteries.” A seemingly impossible Easter egg hunt reveals that the eggs haven’t been hidden, but actually stolen. It’s up to siblings Bradley, Brian, Lucy and Nate to save the town’s egg hunt by cracking this case.

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“The Flower Garden”
by Renee Kurilla
A vibrantly colorful graphic novel about two friends who start a garden to help save bees but end up in way over their heads with… flowers that grow way over their heads! A garden gnome has shrunken them down to her size to show them the underground world of the gnomes. A dynamic book that celebrates both the beauty of nature and friendship.

Middle Grade

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“Green Angel”
by Alice Hoffman
The author of “Practical Magic” weaves another spellbinding tale about a girl with a supernatural green thumb. Set in a post-apocalyptic version of our world, Green loses her family in a horrible fire in the city while she stays at home. Green must rebuild her life from the ground up, but first she must rise from the ashes of grief. A quietly powerful tale about regrowth and new beginnings.

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“Let’s Get Gardening”
edited by Radhika Haswani
A great “getting started” guide for kids and families to start their own garden this spring, whether they live in an apartment or a home with a yard. This book teaches young people not only how to grow their own food and herbs, but how to nurture a plant and the creatures in it. Filled with eye-catching layouts, easy-to-read diagrams and lush photography, this title is a fantastic companion for celebrating Earth Day with your young person.

Teen Readers

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by A.S. King
A family’s Easter egg hunt is an apt allegory for the dark secrets they must uncover in order for the newest generation to grow and heal. Four very different cousins living in very different circumstances grapple with who they are and what kind of legacy they want for themselves— and their family—going forward. This novel, based in reality but woven with elements of magic realism, was the winner of the 2020 Printz Award.


Joanna Harris is the teen services coordinator at the D.C. public library.


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