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Tips for an Autism-Friendly Halloween How parents can approach the holiday's challenges for kids with autism

For many families, Halloween is a holiday to unwind and have fun. But for children on the autism spectrum who rely on predictability to maintain a sense of order, the deviations from normalcy that are part of Halloween celebrations can present challenges for them. “Although it is important to remember …

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Spooked by Sweets? Here's how to make Halloween healthier without cutting out the candy completely

It’s inevitable if you’re a parent: Costco-sized bags of candy sitting in your house well before Halloween, taunting your kids every time they pass by. A fun-size Snickers here, some Swedish fish there … What’s the harm? We want our kids to have magical childhoods, and holiday traditions, including eating …

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Dealing with Halloween Fears Tips for helping kids who find the season a little too spooky

For some children, Halloween is a time to overindulge in candy, take on a new identity for a day and witness spooky decorations transforming houses into macabre homes. However, the holiday can be an anxiety-inducing time for others. Ghosts, spiders, blood, the dark, scary costumes, goblins and clowns are some …

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