Selecting a Homebuilder

When selecting a homebuilder, what questions should you ask?

You can ask more involved questions about what you’ve already researched, for example you may inquire about the contractor’s place of employment and personal track record. But you want to also make sure to ask specific questions about the construction process.

How long will it take before the house is ready for move-in?

How many crewmembers will be on hand? Etc.

Treat this meeting as a job interview. Moreover, just as an employer would ask for references from a wannabe employee, you should do the same for your homebuilder! But where should these references come from?

Well, they shouldn’t come from the contractor’s best friend, mom, or the head of his or her business. Instead, you should ask for the contact information of the homebuilder’s former clients.

Then you can ask those clients what, if any, problems they ran into.

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The Professor’s House website is a one-stop solution for all your everyday home questions.

National Association of Home Builders

Great questions if you plan to build a new home.

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