Print Design Specifications


FAMILY Magazine accepts Adobe PDF files created using the unmodified PDFX1a2001 Industry Standardsetting, available within nearly all Adobe applications and current versions ofQuark Xpress.  If you are uncertain about your settings, please contact usfor further guidance.

Font embedment:

All fonts must be embedded for proper output.


When creating our advertisement, please make sure to have a border around the edge. Asmall, hairline border will be added to all ads that don’t have one.

Color space:

All color (except black) must be composed of either CMYK and/orGrayscale.  Other color spaces will require color conversation to theproper color space which can introduce unwanted color shifts and otherpotential situations when printed on an off-set press. 

Rich Black/Process Black:

Black text and images must be composed of pure black (K) or a percentage of black (K) vs. acombination of varying percentages of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Rich Black (a combination of CMYK) presents registration challenges on an off-set press and potentially unexpectedreproduction. Here is an example of the correct color assignment for black:

Color builds:

Simple color combinations (builds) yield the brightest and most vibrant tones. Complex color combinations (builds)can present registration difficulties and unexpected color reproduction.  Colorswith one or two color combinations (builds) work best.

Image resolution:

All images should be saved as high resolution 200-300 DPI at 100%. Bitmap/monotone images should be saved black and white only with no levels of gray, at 1200DPI.  Lower resolution images may reproduce unexpectedly with lowerquality.

Bleed elements:

Add 1/4″ on four sides of the Full Page Trim Size for Full Page Bleed. Full Page Trim Size is 7.75″ x 10.75″.

White text:

White text on a colored or black background should be set at 12 point or greater.

Colored text:

Text with 2 or more colors should be set at 12 point or greater.


In-RIP trapping negates the need for custom document trapping.  Layoutapplication preferences should be set to “Knock-out All” whenever possible.

Ink Density:

Total ink density (sum of all 4 colors in a particular area) should not exceed240% to avoid unwanted offset or tracking off press. See the below example,where C= , M= , Y= , K= . This total should not be more than 240.






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