New Year’s Resolutions: Time to do what works!

Do you have a New Year’s resolution to do with losing weight or health? Is it the same as last year and nothing really changed? Did you start out with good intentions, but just got busy?

Set SMART Goals

You must set a goal; otherwise your motivation will lag and fall off. Do you have an event coming up? A vacation? An outfit you want to fit back into? Set a date and use the SMART goal system:

• Specific

• Measureable

• Attainable

• Realistic

• Timeline based

The more detail you give to your goal, the more likely you’ll reach it. What is the emotion you attach to reaching your goal (and not reaching it)? Really think about it for a couple of minutes and envision it happening.

Pick a photo of yourself showing how you used to be and want to be again, or maybe pick one from a magazine. Make sure they are images that are really going to motivate you. Stick it on your bathroom mirror, inside the medicine cabinet, on a kitchen cabinet or on the fridge.

Let’s Get Real

If it’s really going to be different this year, what is realistic? What can you really change and stick to? Are you really going to join that gym and go, get up earlier and eat breakfast or stop that late-night snacking? Be realistic with your plan.

What is your MO? How do you normally take on changes or challenges? Are you good at changing everything all at once, or are you better doing one thing at a time? Set your plan accordingly so you don’t fall down (again). It also helps to solicit support from family, friends or a resolution buddy to keep you accountable and on track.

The Power of Decision

Decide to put YOU and your health first – so you can be at your peak performance for everyone and everything in your life. With just a few simple tweaks you can begin to have the right mindset, best body and best life.

You know whether your current lifestyle and habits are healthy or not. Even if you’re not overweight, you may need to make better choices. If you fail to give your body what it needs, it will eventually fail you.

Keeping It Going

The magic word in all of this is “consistency.” Your body is a machine that performs best with consistency – whether it be food, water, exercise or sleep. It’s not about perfection, but consciously making healthier choices every day. By doing this, you are fueling your health, weight, energy, and performance instead of failing it, and creating a lifestyle shift that enables you to not only stick to your New Year’s resolutions, but exceed them!

Dawn Peters, CEO & owner of Naked Health, is a health and weight-loss coach, focusing on the Mind-Body-Food connection. Her unique approach is a powerful and proven solution that shows you how and why your lifestyle habits are fueling or failing you, your health, weight and energy. Get empowered with this toolbox for life! …food, sleep, hydration, exercise and most importantly, mindset!

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