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I’m at a certain (ahem) point in my life that “Anti-Aging” products catch my attention. So when I was sent samples of the NeriumAD Day and Night Creams, I was eager to test them out.

First off, let me warn you that these products are pricey. A 1-ounce bottle of the night cream is $110. Their website doesn’t sell the Day Cream separately—you have to buy it with the night cream—for $165 for both. The products are only available online at, and you can find them for less on Amazon, but I’ve been warned that you can’t verify expiration dates when buying cosmetics on Amazon.

The instructions tell you to use four pumps of both products when applying, but I only used two, and that was plenty for full coverage on my face. Plus, at that price, four pumps a day will run you out of the creams in less than a month.

I have sensitive skin and tend to break out easily, and am happy to report that these products did not cause me any issues in that regard. I used them during cold weather when my skin tends to dry and flake, and they did seem to help my skin stay hydrated. However, I really didn’t love the night cream. It has a sticky consistency and didn’t go on smoothly, and the smell was not appealing. The instructions tell you to wash your face the next morning before applying the day cream, and the night cream still had a strong smell when washing it off. It wasn’t greasy or overly heavy, it just didn’t float my boat.

That being said, I really love the Day Cream. It’s super lightweight and a great base for under make-up. I feel like it helps with puffyness and redness in the morning too.

I would absolutely continue using the Day Cream, and really wish they sold it separately. The literature explains that both work together to receive optimal results, so I’m sure that’s their reasoning for packaging them together, but they sell the Night Cream separately, so not sure of that reasoning?

NeriumAD’s Fact Sheet explains that they use a patented extract to address fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, enlarged pores and uneven skin texture. I love that they are free of mineral oil, sulfates, fragrances and parabens.

I’ve used other anti-aging products at a range of price points with mixed results. Like with any cosmetic product, it takes trial and error to find out what works best for your skin type. With my sensitive skin, I appreciated the quality of NeriumAD’s products, and would recommend giving them a try.

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