Moms of the Year: Lily Yeh

Mom to Peyton, age 5 and Alyssa, age 3

Vienna, VA

Nominated by Amy Chou:

Not only is Lily an amazing mom to two little girls, she is the go-to mom all our friends reach out to for questions or help with parenting. Last year she also started a company called Little Loving Hands, which provides parents with creative craft kits for their children to make and then donate to charities. It’s a great way to teach young children they can make an impact on someone who is less fortunate.

Q&A with Lily

What’s the best parenting advice you’ve ever received?

To treasure every moment, even the tough moments as they will pass. Time definitely goes by fast and they grow up so quickly.

What advice would you give to new or expectant mothers?

You will and probably have already got a lot of advice, so my biggest advice is to take it all in, but apply only what works for you. There isn’t a “right way.” We all want to be the best mom we can be, but know that in your child’s eyes, having you love and care for them already makes you top notch.

How has motherhood changed your outlook on life?

It’s definitely made me re-prioritize what is truly important in life and not stress over the small things. With kids, you never know what will happen and you have to just take everything in stride. I also put extra effort into making sure I set a good example for my children.

Describe a favorite mom moment.

One recent moment happened when I told my youngest daughter that she could pick a candy from the store to buy. She chose to buy two, saying she wanted one for her sister. When she gave it to her sister, she received a great big hug and kiss on the forehead in return which brought her such joy.

How do you think your children would describe you?

My girls would describe me as being caring, strict when needed and extremely goofy. I’m lucky they are still young, as I’m sure some of my antics will be re-categorized as “embarrassing” rather than “entertaining” in the near future.

Who is your role model?

My husband, Jeff. He definitely earns the title of being the better half. As a husband and a dad, Jeff is the most patient and understanding person I’ve ever met and our family is so lucky to have him.

What goals do you have for yourself?

I hope to continue to do the best I can to raise my children to be well-rounded, kind and happy individuals. My goal is to further grow and expand Little Loving Hands so more children can be involved in charitable giving and helping others.

What goals do you have for your children?

My goal is for them to pursue their passions and always keep in mind the impact that they can have on others’ lives. I hope they are as fortunate as me to grow up and have a wonderful family of their own to experience the wonders of being a mom.

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