Mom of the Year: Denise Eidson

“Never be on anyone else’s schedule, and never try to raise your kids like anyone else. You are unique, and so is being a mom.”

Mom to Daniel (age 27, passed away in 2013), Samuel, age 30, Nathaniel, age 28, Elijah, age 27, Josiah, age 25, Noah, age 23, John Jr., age 21, Lydia, age 19, Luke, age 19, Grace, age 18, Fairfax, VA

Nominated by Lydia Eidson:

Denise Eidson is one of the strongest mothers imaginable. She raised 10 beautiful and successful children, loving and supporting them no matter what. Denise is constant in her faith, and present in the church. Not many moms have been through what she has been through. She is lovable and friendly to everyone she comes in contact with. Denise deserves this recognition because there is no mom quite like her.

Q&A with Denise Eidson


Administrative Assistant, Self-Corp

Three fun facts about you and your family:

1. My son is a film major, so he made many movies about us. We have a film on YouTube called “What am I Gonna Feed These Darn Kids??!!”

2. One time, we left one kid behind — thankfully, it was in the neighborhood and someone called to let us know. Every outing after that, we had them count off to make sure they were all there!

3. We have seven bedrooms, eat at a picnic table, and only eat buffet. At one point in time, we bought 16 gallons of milk a week!

What advice would you give to new or expectant moms?

Never be on anyone else’s schedule, and never try to raise your kids like anyone else. You are unique, and so is being a mom.

What goals do you have for yourself?

I’d like to start a nonprofit for young people in crisis, as my son struggled with drug addiction.

How has motherhood changed your outlook on life?

Motherhood has made my life richer and has given me more empathy for others. Also, being a mom has made me not sweat the small stuff. After losing my son to drug addiction, I realize every day is a gift!

Describe a favorite mom moment.

My earlier favorite mom moments were when my kids were babies and I’d snuggle and feed them. I will never forget that smell of a newborn baby. Also, when they called me “Mommy” and said “I love you” for the first times. Presently, my favorite moments are just being with all my kids at once and sitting down for dinner together, which is less often as they get older.

What’s your superpower?

Praying every day!

How do you unwind and disconnect?

I enjoy going on hikes out in nature and sitting on my patio, relaxing. What’s the best thing you are listening to right now? “Sound of Heaven” by Brad & Rebekah.

What is your secret to balancing life/family/work/motherhood?

Being centered in God who cares about all my needs and gives me strength to face everyday with boldness and truth.

How has motherhood helped you succeed at work?

I only work part time, but now that my last child is graduating, it has made me realize I need to try new things. Motherhood has given me boldness to try something totally different, so who knows what the future holds?


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