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Lilly Magilly’s Offers
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Lilly Magilly’s Cup Cakery is located in the Washingtonian Center in Gaithersburg, Maryland.  This shop is a modern and hip sweet lover’s ideal retreat.  And if you like the color pink you’ll love the decor!

We took our two year old daughter and four year old son, and it was no surprise to me when our son chose the cupcake with the most chocolate: the ganache flavored chocolate cupcake with white frosting that is dipped in chocolate.  He loved it.  

Our daughter was looking forward to a pink cupcake, and although they did not have any pink frosted cupcakes, she was pleased as punch with a vanilla cupcake with white frosting, sprinkles and a pink candy ball on top.



There were about eight flavors to choose from including: vanilla, chocolate, brownie delight, chocolate peanut butter, snickerdoodle, chocolate salted carmel, and red velvet.  Each day there is a special flavor of the day (their website lists the flavors and dates ahead of time) which happened to be chocolate ganache the day we went.

I didn’t want to make a mistake with my cupcake flavor decision, so I asked for recommendations from the staff, who steered me to the chocolate salted carmel flavor. Man alive, it was good!  We may need to return to test out all the other flavors as well!  Who would have thought that a yummy little cupcake could be such a rich and decedent treat?!  

Lilly Magilly’s has pink chairs and tables inside the shop as well as outside on the sidewalk.  In addition to cupcakes they sell cute boutique items such as frilly parasols, pirate costumes, tutus and bracelets.  There is a silver throne perfect for celebrating a birthday child (or grown up!)  and the atmosphere is fun, fun, fun!


One of my favorite parts of Lilly Magilly’s is the viewing windows that allow you to watch the cupcake making process.  The workers were kind and smiled and waved as my children watched them working.  It was fascinating to get a peek into the world of cupcake making and certainly more high-tech than my box mix cupcakes made at home!  For me it also brought back fond memories of my Mr. Roger’s viewing childhood.  My children could have stood at the window and watched until the store closed.


In addition to making amazing cupcakes, Lilly Magilly’s does wedding cakes (and wedding cakes made out of cupcakes), special occasion cakes, and mini cupcakes.  They love custom orders and will work with customers to make just the right treat.

Lilly Magilly’s Cup Cakery

220 Boardwalk Place

Gaithersburg, MD

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 301-208-2828

 Cleanliness  5
 Customer Service  5
 Taste  5
 Variety  4
 Kid-friendly  5
 Expensive  4
 Nut-free (food safe) options  no
 Offers free samples  no
 Seating available  yes
 I would eat here again  yes
 I would recommend this to a friend  yes

All ratings on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest.

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