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Mom Reviewer Criteria

Mom Reviews is a section of the Washington FAMILY Magazine website where moms (and dads!) share reviews of books, toys, products, fun places to go with their kids and other great things. Mom Reviewers get to choose items to review from our selection and then get to keep what they review! Reviews appear online, and select reviews will be published in our print magazine.

Characteristics of a Mom Reviewer

  • Reader of Washington FAMILY Magazine
  • Mom or Dad of at least one child
  • Writes well and can communicate clearly
  • Able to provide product photos and additional photos/video as needed
  • Has time to complete review within 15 days of receiving assignment
  • Has the desire to share information with other parents in an unbiased manner.
 (No special agendas, please.)

Selection Criteria

  • Possess the characteristics of a Mom Reviewer
  • Ability to pick up materials from the FAMILY Magazine office in Woodbridge, VA
  • Ability to write and submit the materials in Microsoft Word format
  • Ability to provide review in a timely manner

FAMILY Magazine engages with our readers from time to time for the purpose of evaluating products, books, toys and other materials and sharing that evaluation with other parents. Places, entertainment venues and family fun activities may also be reviewed.

Interested Mom Reviewers will submit an application which will be reviewed by FAMILY Magazine staff. Accepted reviewers will be notified. When there are materials available to be reviewed, FAMILY Magazine will send out an email asking for reviewers who are interested in being assigned that product or material to be evaluated.

The Mom Review along with a bio of the Mom Reviewer are posted on the FAMILY Magazine website. FAMILY Magazine may also mention the Mom Review in the weekly eNewsletter and on Facebook. All submitted photos are for publication purposes and the reviewer agrees that they can be used in all FAMILY Magazine media.

FAMILY Magazine may publish a select number of the Mom Reviews in the print magazine.

Mom Reviewer may keep any materials they review unless goods are specified to be returned to FAMILY Magazine. Goods would only need to be returned if they are to be used for an additional purpose, such as prizes for contests.

The purpose of the Mom Reviewer is to create a community of shared knowledge in the Washington parenting community. It is not the purpose of FAMILY Magazine to endorse or promote any goods or services.

Would you like to become a Local Mom Reviewer?

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