Strengths Based Parenting

One of the things that really made me like this book was how it addressed how we so easily compare our first born kids to that of our friends. We often wonder why our baby isn’t sleeping through the night or is so fussy while our friend’s child sleeps like a champ or is always so happy. I really related to this, and was that mom comparing my son in all of his fussy glory to other people’s quiet babies. I soon came to realize all babies are different – and that’s exactly what this book talks about.

This book also discusses how the way you parent one child may not work for the other child as they are individuals and have different needs. It teaches parents how to play on their child’s strengths, not the weaknesses, and how to bring out the best in children as well as yourself. One of my favorite chapters is Chapter 3, There is no right way to parent.” The information in this chapter is on point; people will often give you loads of advice about what they think is the correct way to parent, but as the authors reiterated, there is not just one way to parent. This book is filled with examples and scenarios that we as parents can relate to our in everyday lives. It’s a great reminder of how awesome your kids are, and is also a great motivator to use the techniques in this book to become a better parent.

I would highly recommend this book to any parent as well as any educator as this book gives some great advice and tools to use when dealing with children and brining out their individuality.

Strengths Based Parenting

By Mary Beckmeyer, Ph.D. with Jennifer Robison

Avilable at for $16.99

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Bianca is a first-time mom to son Jeremy and works full-time, on top of being a full-time mom and college student. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family, working out and baking.


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