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Incredibed Is Cozy Nightime Friend


When I first showed my four year old a picture of the Brown Bear Incredibed on the computer I was not prepared for his reaction.  He was mesmerized, enthralled, and super excited to sleep in that new fuzzy bear bed! 

I was afraid that once we had the bed set up he would be frightened, or at least apprehensive of climbing into bed with such a large bear head and arms, but it was the complete opposite: he was eager to go to bed!  Now he wraps one of the paws around him as he sleeps.  This is a great bed for young children.

Even though I read the company’s explanation online about the bed which claimed easy set up, I didn’t really believe it until we set up the bed, and it was…easy!  Each piece zips together with super strong and big zippers.  The bear’s head is filled with two large pillows that come with the bed.

A note of caution: the bed is big. The manufacturer’s website says that the bear can be used on a twin mattress set on the ground or with a bed frame, but we have it on a twin mattress with a bed frame and it doesn’t fit right.  The bear’s feet at squished by the footboard and the bear slides to the side because the bed is pushed up to the wall which doesn’t leave a space for the bear’s arm (a position that is necessary in order to fit the bed and dresser along the same wall).

That said, I really do think this is a good beginning bed for toddlers and preschoolers.  I would recommend that parents not use it with a bed frame, but simple put the Incredibed on a twin mattress set right on the floor.  Keep in mind that you’ll want at least a foot on either side of the bed for the arms to hang.

One feature that my children love is the interchangeable eyes and hair pieces.  The Incredibeds come with two sets of eyes (one that has eyelashes that look more female) and two sets of hair that Velcro onto the bear’s head (one brown and one purple.)  The first day of two of having the bed our bear changed personalities every time the kids entered or left the room!  And when our son outgrows the bed our daughter can easily personalize the bed for her own use.

Each giant paw also has a large pocket.  This is where we store the extra hair and eyes, but could also be used for storing a favorite stuffed animal or bedtime storybook. Incredibeds come in a few characters: bears, a pink cat, and a green t-rex.


  • Easy to set up
  • Cozy sleep pal for your child
  • Eases transition from crib or toddler bed to twin bed
  • No need for a bed frame
  • Machine washable
  • Interchangeable eyes and hair


  • Large size (think bed plus a foot on either side for the arms)
  • The bear’s head takes up part of the mattress (about 2 feet), so a child will outgrow (in length) this bed long before they would outgrown a twin bed.
  • If you do have a bed frame the Incredibed may be hard to fit (especially feet with an existing footboard).

Price: $199.99 with free shipping

 Durability  5
 Ease of Use
 Comfort  4
 I Would Purchase This for Myself/Child  yes
 I Would Purchase This as a Gift
 Overall Rating

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