How to Have a Successful Yard Sale


  • Planyour yard sale around the first of the month (that’s when most peopleget paid!)

  • Keepan eye on the weather. Before you send out the advertisements, checkthe ten-day forcast.

  • Startearly! Most yard sale hunters start in the wee hours of the AM(around 7!)

  • Dependingon where you live, you may need a permit or license to sell youritems.





  • Advertisingcan be pricey. Consider joining forces with your neighbors and splitthe costs.

  • Takeadvantage of free advertising venues such as craigslist and yourlocal grocery store.

  • Whenyou put up signs around the neighborhood, keep them simple. If youhave too much writing on them, no one will be able to read them asthey drive by.

  • Makesure to count how many signs you put up (so you can remember how manyto take down afterwards!)



YardSale Time:

  • Keepclothing organized in clear plastic bins with a sign outsidedescribing how much the items are. i.e. Baby clothes – 50 centseach!

  • Clearlymark item prices. The bright stickers that have a price attached tothem can be a great investment!

  • Keeplots of change handy! Approximately $50 in quarters, ones and fivesshould be fine.

  • Makesure there is someone with their eyes on the money box at all times.


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