Helping Your Child’s School

If there was ever a time to lend a helping hand, it’s now. So many schools across our country are suffering from budget cuts and layoffs, and the classroom sizes aren’t getting any smaller. Schools need your help, and in giving, you’re making a better school year for your child.

How can you help your child’s school?

Help Lower Paper Cost – Suggesting a paper-less communication route. Not only is it more immediate (email, texts), but it saves a TON of money on paper. Science fair notifications can be sent to your email, and you won’t have to worry about “loosing” the info.

Hold a School Supply Drive – Some teachers are having to shell out their own pocket change for the essentials…Ask what your teacher needs, and hold a carpool drop-box. Or you can send out invites to parents to donate the much-needed items.

Sustain those Extracurricular Activities – Some or all of the arts (drama, painting, music, etc) are being cut from the curriculum. Find your passion (knitting, violin, acting), and share it with students. You could help ignite a passion for acting or watercolor painting in a child who really needs an outlet.

Check out Local Resources – You know that mom-and-pap art store around the corner? They might be willing to share some of their goodies in exchange for a little promoting. How about that small zoo a few miles down the road? Field trip destinations want the support of local schools, and with a little persuading, they might let a class see the animals for a discounted price, or even free. It never hurts to ask.

Volunteer on Field Trips – This oldie-but-goodie is a fun way to help out your child’s school, and you might actually have quite a bit of fun.


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