Geography Comes to Life in a Big Way

Remember the frustration you felt when you had to squint to seethe tiny world map on the wall at school? That problem will soonbe a thing of the past for both teachers and students at schoolsaround the country. There is a new trend towards doing things big.Here are some ways BIG maps are being used.

“We sell a lot of world map wall murals to schools at thistime of year,” says Todd Imholte, president of EnvironmentalGraphics, a Hopkins, Minn., company that specializes in decorativeproducts for the home. “Our map mural measures 13 feet by 8feet. That’s big enough for kids in the back of the classroom tomake out the countries.”

Yolanda Johnston, a history teacher from Cal Exico, Calif., asmall town near the Mexican border, knew she had to have one whenshe saw the giant mural in a magazine. “I feel it’s importantto have the best tools possible to help kids learn, and the worldmap I had was so small, it didn’t make much of an impression onthe kids,” says Johnston. “We’re moving into a newbuilding this fall and the map is going to be the focal point ofmy classroom. I know the kids are excited about having a big mapeveryone can see.”

World Maps aren’t only being used for educational purposes inschools. The Fairhaven Baptist Church in Mesquite, Texas recentlyput one up in the back of the church auditorium. “Our churchsupports 20 missionaries world wide and the map helps us keeptrack of where they are,” says Sharon Johnson. “It alsoshows us how small America is compared to the rest of the world,and helps us to see the size of the job we have.”

Environmental Graphics’ map murals sell for around $150 and can beordered by calling 800-HAMMACHER or visiting the company’s websiteat

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