Frosting Is Sweet on Variety But a Little Posh for the Toddler Set

Located in Chevy Chase, MD, the cupcake shop Frosting invokes a posh feeling.  As soon as I walked in I felt like maybe this wasn’t the best place for kids.  Or at least my kids, who at ages 9 months, 3, and 4 can be a bit loud and energetic.  The staff was friendly, and one worker even offered to get us some wet towels if we needed them, but the fact that we were the only family with children surrounded by grownups sipping coffee added to my mom paranoia of disturbing the peace.  


Frosting is a cupcake shop and also a coffee bar. The shop opens at 8am weekdays serving coffee and cupcakes are available after 11am.  We stopped by at lunch time and while there were several others in the store, there was still room for us.  The shop offers indoor seating for about 15 and a few outdoor tables as well.  

The cupcake selection was great; there were about fifteen varieties to choose from.  They even had a gluten free cupcake.  I appreciated that in addition to the cute cupcake names each name card had a description of the cupcake and frosting ingredients.  The flavors made each day rotate and change, but you can check out the complete calendar of available flavors on their website to plan your trip for a day that has the cupcake you’re dying to try.  


My daughter was thrilled that there was a pink cupcake (Strawberry Blonde: a vanilla cupcake with strawberry frosting) and my son went with Birthday! because it had sprinkles on top.  I chose Telly Belly, a chocolate cupcake with Nutella frosting and caramelized hazelnuts.  It was scrumptious, but a little too sweet for my taste.  

We were given our cupcakes on porcelain square plates and once again I wondered if kids should be eating here.  Luckily my 4 year old carried his plate to the table without spilling or breaking anything!  We were given plastic forks to eat with, but I had to leave the table to go hunt for napkins.

My children loved licking off the thick frosting.  Each cupcake has a lot of frosting – almost an inch thick!  I wish they sold milk because a tall glass of cold milk would have been wonderful with the cupcakes!

As we were clearing up I couldn’t find a place to put our plates.  I’m not sure if they just want you to leave the plates on the table, but we ended up placing them on the counter near the register.

My children needed to use the restroom and wash up with running water.  (Lots of chocolate frosting made that a necessity!)  We walked back to the restroom and found a sign on the door saying to ask for a key from the front.  It was given to us hooked to a very large whisk attachment for an industrial sized mixer.  (I guess they don’t want you to misplace the restroom key!)

Overall our experience with Frosting was okay, neither stellar nor horrible.  I won’t be going out of my way to visit again, but if I find myself in the neighborhood I might stop by to try another cupcake flavor.

The parking garage is half a block from the shop entrance, and they will validate your parking for one hour. You can also take the metro.  The red line Friendship Heights stop is right next door.  


Frosting: A Cupcakery Bakeshop & Coffee Bar

1 Wisconsin Circle, Chevy Chase, MD


 Cleanliness 4
 Customer Service 4
 Taste 4
 Variety 5
 Kid-friendly  3
 Expensive  4
 Nut-free (food safe) options  yes
 Offers Free Samples  no
 Seating available  yes
 I would eat here again  yes
 I would recommend to a friend  no
Overall Rating

All ratings on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being highest.

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