Founding the Tots To Teens Expo as a working mother

The Tots to Teens Expo was born from my journey as a working mother, striving to balance career demands while enriching my daughter’s life with diverse experiences. I actively sought ways to broaden her educational and cultural horizons beyond the classroom. Research consistently emphasizes the importance of nurturing a wide range of skills and abilities in young children, as they lay the foundation for future academic success. This understanding has deeply influenced my approach to parenting.

After years of crafting unique experiences with my daughter, I realized that other families facing similar challenges could benefit greatly from a similar approach. Thus, The Better Family Inc. nonprofit and the “Tots to Teens Expo” were born. With the invaluable collaboration of my co-founder, my daughter, we designed an event intended to genuinely impact families.

Now in its ninth year, the “Tots to Teens Expo” has flourished, featuring a health pavilion that provides free screenings and check-ups, ensuring that your family stays healthy. Our Fresh Market offers a variety of fresh fruits and veggies, promoting healthy eating habits. Our interactive fitness stage, cooking stage, and reading lounge provide opportunities for hands-on learning and creative expression. The Expo’s STEM Zone is a must-visit, offering exciting activities like robotics, e-sports, 3D printing, a flight simulator and more.  With over 70 vendors offering products and services for kids and families, there’s something for everyone at the Expo. Another special feature is our “Kidspreneur Row” where kids as young as eight years old can showcase and sell products. Outside, kids can enjoy pony rides, a petting zoo, and explore vehicles from EMS, police, and fire departments.

We have worked tirelessly to create an event that caters to the diverse needs and interests of families, providing a platform for meaningful engagement and learning opportunities. This year, we invite you to join us for an unforgettable day of fun, learning, shopping, and exploration at the 9th Annual M-NCPPC “Tots to Teens Expo”!

Don’t miss this chance to create lasting memories with your family!

Taylor Thomas
Executive Director/Founder
The Better Family, Inc.

Tots To Teens Expo
Saturday, May 18
10 am-4 pm
Free, registration required


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