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My children aren’t quite to the age of needing back-to-school supplies, but my son was still excited to explore the big box of stationery and office supply items that arrived from Debbie Lynn. The box was full of emoji-themed sticky notes and push pins, erasers (animal shaped, scented, and traditional), colored rubber bands, binder clips and sticky note cubes. All the items were colorful and unique–a main goal of the Debbie Lynn brand.

Debbie Lynn, Inc. has an interesting back-story. The owner/creator Debbie Melnick is the daughter of the Pentech International founder. She grew up surrounded by the stationery industry and was able to bring a strong background to develop a new brand. Her goal is to “provide tools for people to create the world around them.”

Melnick started the company with a musical pen in 1998, and has since expanded to arts and crafts, novelties and back-to-school supplies. Her diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis pushed her to create products for kids of all ages to use to express their unique personalities by decorating their spaces–whether it’s a bedroom, office or playroom.

“Color explosion” is the only way to describe the pile we unpacked from the box! Everything was decorated/printed with the brightest colors imaginable. The erasers were my son’s favorite, especially the bright pink turtle and neon green rhinoceros. He also loved the tiny cartons that each contained a scented cube eraser. The scents were the typical imitation smells, but he loved them! Additionally there was an oversized pink eraser that said “My Bad,” a funny quip to add to a relatively boring school supply.

Next we checked out all the sticky notes. The single pads with emoji designs are a very trendy choice. My son was highly amused with the “poo” emoji design; I was less impressed, though it would make a great gag gift for a coworker. There were also two sticky note cubes that had 400 notes each in a decorated cardboard holder (one was chevron and one pink zebra, also very trendy.) The paper seemed to be good quality and we had no trouble writing on the notes.

The final items in the box were a set of emoji thumbtacks, neon-colored binder clips with “yes,” “no” and “maybe” printed on them and a giant ball of colored rubber bands. The thumbtacks would be a unique addition to an office bulletin board and the binder clips would certainly make reviewing a document much more fun!

I was slightly disappointed with the rubber bands, as they claimed “top quality guaranteed” on the box, yet several were already snapped when we opened the package. There were bright in color, however, and I used them to spruce up a present I was creating.

All of these items would all make cute gifts for school children and stationery-loving adults. Some of the funnier items would make great gag gifts or conversation pieces in the corporate world. Most items sell for $1 or $2, making them a perfect price point for adding whimsical and bright style on a budget. I will keep these in mind as we enter into elementary school, and as gifts for my husband to lighten the mood at work!

Debbie Lynn, Inc.

Products featured available at Walmart (note cubes) and Five Below (all others)

$1-$5 per product

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