Day by Day


Day by Day is a story with few words of a pig family that works, plays, and laughs together. 

The author and illustrator, Susan Gal, took her inspiration for this book from the proverb “little by little, the bird builds its nest” and from happy childhood memories of family times spent together. 

The book is geared toward children ages three to five. While I liked the playful and whimsical illustrations of the book, my five year old took one look at the cover and didn’t want to read the story. 

Gal’s illustrations are different from the cartoon and computer generated images so common these days in children’s literature.  Apparently the more common images are what my children favor. 

The message of family and community unity were heartwarming.  My children especially loved the page on which the pigs take a bath…in a mud puddle!

Instead of purchasing this book for my family or friends, I would check it out from the library.  It is a cute book, definitely worth a read through or two, but it hasn’t made the most popular shelf at my house and probably never will. 

There isn’t much plot development, conflict or resolution.  Each page has about six to eight words on it, the first ones being something like, “brick by brick” or “piece by piece.”  The positive thing about the short length of the book and its somewhat repetitive pattern is that this would make a good book for beginning readers to read alone or with little help.

Day by Day

by Susan Gal

Price:on for $13.25

To find more about Susan Gal’s illustrations and other children’s books you can visit her website:

Easy to Read  4
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Appealed to Both Boys and Girls
 Kept My Children’s Interest
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