Counselor In Training Benefits

When your children are too old for camp but too young to be a counselors, it can seem like a rough middle-ground. Luckily, there are lots of options for your child to be a counselor in training (CIT), and there are tons of benefits.


  • The CITprogram really provides a sneak preview into the work world. CITs must gothrough a formal application process and put together a resume. It gives kids the experienceof going through the job process.

  • Gettingto become a leader can be a very rewarding and empowering experience for ateenager. At the end of the summer CITs are welcome to use their camp as areference for other jobs.

  • It’s anice way for kids to be engaged in a program when feel that they are “too old”for camp, but they are too young to be left unsupervised.

  • Often CITs attendcamp with their younger sibling, so it’s also a way for kids of different agesto get to be together during the summer, yet have an age appropriateexperience.

  • Itreally brings out a whole new side to them – a professional side, that youoften didn’t realize was there. There is often a gap between when someone isperceived as a kid and when they are perceived as a leader. This program reallyhelps to dissolve that gap.

  • The likelihood of afuture counselor position, as most established summer camps hire most of theirnew staff directly from their leadership programs.

  • Sending a teen to aleadership program will help him or her to build social skills in a structuredenvironment.

  • It is a productive way tospend the summer, and prevents teens from spending too much time on thecomputer or game system.

  • Experience working with amazing counselors and rolemodels for young people in the world.

  • Community service hours can apply towards high school graduation requirements.

  • A summer of memories that will last a lifetime.


Here is a list of places that offer CIT programs!

Sources:  Suite101 and various camp sites


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