AUTOSEAL® Contigo Gizmo Sip Water Bottle

Everywhere we go, I try to bring water for myself and the kiddos–I’ve found hydration keeps everyone happier! Inevitably, someone ends up soaked when their water bottle spills or leaks in their car seat while I’m driving and can’t control the backseat mess. Contigo has eliminated these messes with the creation of their AUTOSEAL® Gizmo Sip water bottle.

The Gizmo Sip is a 14 ounce, BPA-free plastic water bottle fitted with AUTOSEAL® technology. AUTOSEAL® instantly seals the bottle between drinks to contain any spills or leaks that occur with typical water bottles.

When your child wants a drink, they flip open the cover, press the large button on the opposite side of the spout, and take a drink. As soon as they let go of the button, the seal is made and no water will leak out. I tested it out, and as hard as I tried, I could not get the bottle to spill or leak! However, the button was quite difficult for my 4-year-old to press and hold while also trying to tip the bottle and take a drink. For this reason, I would recommend the bottle for children ages 5 and up.

Many features of this water bottle, in addition to the AUTOSEAL®, are unique and favorable from a parent’s perspective. The cover on the spout makes a tight seal when you click it shut, which protects the drinking area from dirt, germs, etc., when not in use. As I watched my son’s T-Ball teammates throw their bottles in the dugout dirt, I realized this is an awesome feature!

The bottle is also easy to clean– a refreshing change compared to the other kid’s bottles in my cabinet. The top comes completely apart and turns to easily access all the components. Everything can also be placed on the top rack of the dishwasher for the simplest method of cleaning. Since the bottle can be completely dismantled, there is no opportunity for mold or mildew to grow as long as you follow the simple cleaning instructions after each use.

As for its kid appeal, the Gizmo Sip comes in four bright colors/patterns: hot pink with flowers, royal blue with dots, orange with robots or light blue with wind-up toys. It’s also a nice size for smaller hands, no wider than 3.5” in diameter at any point, and has an easy to grip handle.

Fourteen ounces of liquid seems to be an adequate amount for a young child’s needs during a picnic, athletic event or playground trip. My son’s favorite part was the see-through lid, which allowed him to watch the AUTOSEAL® parts do their magic as he pressed the button.

The Contigo Gizmo Sip is a great bottle if you are looking for a worry-free, mess-free on-the-go option. The size and functions, as mentioned above, make the bottle appropriate for approximately ages 5 and up.

AUTOSEAL® Contigo Gizmo Sip Kids Water Bottle

Manufactured by Contigo

Available at, Target, Walmart, Costco, Bed Bath and Beyond, Williams Sonoma,


Durability: 5

Ease of Use: 3

Comfort: 4

I would purchase this for my child: Yes

I would purchase this as a gift: Yes

Overall rating: 4

All ratings on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being highest.

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Christy Petrak is a systems engineer currently taking a leave of absence to raise her two children, Thomas (4) and Eliza (1). She enjoys spending time with her family, swimming and baking/decorating cupcakes.


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