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I was sent the Twist and Seal Large Cord Dome, Mini Cord Protector as well as the Heavy Duty Cord Protector. These products are great for indoor or outdoor use.

I found the large cord dome useful near the entertainment table in my home. We had multiple cords hooked up to connectors as well as surge protectors. With a 1-year-old baby getting into everything, this device kept the plugs and surge protectors safely in the dome and away from little fingers. The dome locks into place to make it even more secure.

For indoor use, the dome is slightly bulky, but it slides right under an entertainment table, making it easy to hide. I would highly recommend the dome for outdoor use – it would be great for using around the holidays when hanging lights. The dome also protects the cords from exposure to outdoor weather conditions. It can easily be wall mounted, but also comes with stakes to secure it into the ground.

The Mini Cord Protector is small and compact and would be be great for outdoor holiday lights or year-round use. It is smaller,so only fits smaller cables and connector pieces, since the larger ones prevented it from closing fully. The Heavy Duty Cord protector is also a great product and fits larger cord connectors and keeps the cords from pulling apart. I was sent a cut cord to show just how well the product worked. I put the cord in the protector and poured water over it, then checked the inside cable which stayed completely dry. This product is not as bulky as the dome, which I like, but the only downside is is doesn’t fir as many cords.

All three of the above mentioned Twist and Seal products would be ideal for outside use and would be great for connecting holiday lights or any type of outdoor connections.

Twist and Seal Cord Dome: $26 on

Twist and Seal Mini Cord Protector: $.10 on

Heavy Duty Cord Protector: $4.99 on

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