Sunny Reads: 13 New Summer-Inspired Books for Kids

From lemonade stands to underwater adventures and beachside explorations, these newly-released children’s books will transport your kids into full-on summertime fun.

“Tropical Terry” by JARVIS

Terry, a small and ordinary fish, is used to swimming around with some of the most beautiful tropical fish in the ocean. Yet, he longs to be just as dazzling and multicolored as the others. So, with the help of his friends, Terry fashions a flashy costume and transforms into “Tropical Terry.” However, Terry soon learns that being the center of attention isn’t what he thought it would be. Ages 2-5.

“Froggy’s Lemonade Stand” by Jonathan London

Froggy is so excited to start his own lemonade stand! However, he got so thirsty along the way that he ended up drinking all of the lemonade. What is Froggy to do? With the help of us friends, they come up with the perfection solution, and they have a whole lot of fun in the process! Ages 2-5.

“Who’s Hiding at the Beach?” by Nosy Crow

There are tons of fascinating creatures at the beach worth discovering. From rocks to shells to seaweed, this beautifully designed book helps little readers explore all kinds of seaside wildlife. Ages 2-5.

“Spot Goes to the Beach” by Eric Hill

Everyone’s favorite puppy is back, and he’s off on a beach adventure! It’s a sunny day at the beach, and Spot is ready to have fun and make new friends. He shares his adventures with building sandcastles, surfing and much more beach fun. Ages 2-5.

“The Colors of Summer” by Danna Smith

This book displays all the bright colors found while spending a day at the beach! From purple flip-flops and orange sand shovels to green towels and blue waves, this vibrant summer read will have readers eager to spend their summer vacation at the beach. Ages 2-5.

“Among a Thousand Fireflies” by Helen Frost

Hoping to find her fellow firefly friend, one lovely firefly lands on a flower and shines her light. But then, thousands of lights start to flash all around. How is she supposed to find one firefly among the others? This book shares how two fireflies come together and find each other’s lights. Ages 3-7.

“Mermaid Dreams” by Kate Pugsley

One day, Maya and her parents visit the beach. While Maya loves being at the beach, she really wishes she had a friend to share in the adventures! Too shy to say hello to nearby kids, Maya closes her eyes and is then magically transported into an underwater world where she turns into a mermaid! She goes on a magical adventure meeting fellow sea creatures and learns that making friends is easy when you have a good imagination. Ages 3-7.

“Sea Glass Summer” by Michelle Houts

When a young boy named Thomas visits his grandmother at her seaside cottage, he uses his late grandfather’s magnifying glass to discover some hidden beach treasures. After finding a piece of sea glass in the sand, he becomes fascinated with it and dreams of how it got there. For the rest of the summer, he searches for more sea glass in hopes of discovering their mysterious origins. Ages: 4-8.

“To Live on an Island” by Emma Bland Smith

What’s it like to live on an island? It can sometimes be hard, sometimes sweet and sometimes quiet … it just depends on the day. In this colorful picture book, experience what it’s like to be a child growing up on a Pacific Northwest island. Ages 4-8.

“Seashells: More Than a Home” by Melissa Stewart

This book is quite a gem for little naturalists who love seashells! Discover thirteen seashells inside, including an introduction to the most fascinating aspects of each shell. Watercolor illustrations help bring these shells to life and make it easy for readers to feel like they are seeing these shells first-hand. Ages 4-8.

“Stubby the Fearless Squid” by Barbara Davis-Pyles

Intimidated by his new pen pal, who tells extraordinary stories, Stubby the squid feels the need to embellish his own stories to make himself look more brave and interesting. This, of course, ends up getting him in trouble and he gets put in a bad situation. Stubby soon learns the hard way about the importance of accepting oneself in this fun and cleverly told story. Ages 6-9.

“Fish Everywhere” by Britta Teckentrup

This educational book explores the many aspects of fish. From fresh water fish to ones that live in the desert, there are fish all around us. Little readers will learn where these different types of fish can be found and what makes each type particularly unique and special! Ages 6-9.

“Bummer in the Summer!” by Dan Gutman

“A Christmas Carol” meets summer in this fun and humorous children’s story. As A.J is almost done with school, he dreams one night about all the fun adventures he’s going to have over break. But, his dreams suddenly get interfered by three ghosts who appear in order to show him summer’s past, present and future. What will A.J learn? Ages 6-9.

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